Monday, July 7, 2008

Competition Is Heating Up

The three of us are neck in neck.

Tonight I figured I'd spend time with Mike since I put 40 hours of sewing in over the weekend in my room. So I sewed the binding and hanging sleeves onto my Fresh Squeezed Wallhanging and proceeded down stairs. Mind you, I decided to hand stitch the binding just so I could spend time with him and sew at the same time. Mike then flipped between about 5 different shows; I'm pretty sure just to tick me off. Finally he said; you're only down here because you're lonely. No, that's not it at all, I just wanted to spend time with you. He says; GO BACK TO YOUR HOLE. I was sooooo mad. Holly and I go back to the quilt studio and now hand sewing binding for NO REASON; especially when we all know I hate hand sewing because it makes my wrist hurt.


So at least I got 2.75 hours of sewing in!


CatQuilter said...

Geeze Mike! Why do men have to be so flippin' insensitive? He's not the only one though. My "dear" spouse calls himself a sewing widower. Last night when the three of us watched a film together, he snarled, "I thought you were going to your sewing room!" I did sew after the movie and then I got snapped at for not going to bed!

Regina said...

See - I KNEW the spouses were going to be a factor in all this...

Gee - and I got mine to vacuum the living room rug tonight so I could lay out the quilt for his co-worker. Maybe I should make more quilts in more rooms and get more housekeeping done that way???

Design wall in the shower??? Think of the possibilities.