Monday, July 28, 2008

*$&%^)# Cubs

They beat my Brew Crew! Mike and I left for the game almost immediately after we got home from work. I had my backpack packed with the McKenna Ryan Gingerbread Lane applique pieces and my circle wallhanging. We went so early because it was a sell out and we wanted to try and get one of the stand alone tables instead of sitting in our seats. I seem to have better luck sitting at the tables allergy wise. I know I'm about to make this irrational statement because I'm allergic to nuts but seriously, what is with the amount of peanuts that people consume at ball games?? They must be ridiculously bloated for the next few days with all that salt.

I had my applique pieces all cut out by about the 2nd inning. I was able to get the binding sewn down on the circle wallhanging. I'm surprised at how much I can get done during a game while watching it. You figure you just look down long enough to stick the needle in the backing and binding then look up again to pull it taunt.

We were stuck in the lot for quite a while after the I wrapped clothesline for my never ending 'bushel basket.' I'm soo hoping that this last 100 feet makes it tall enough for what I want to use it for.

When I came home I was absolutley exhausted and went straight to bed. Probably not the best move for the last week of survivor but I probably would have cut myself had I headed into the sewing room.

About the whole Music on Blogs thing...I wasn't pointing out one person in particular. It just seems that every day I'm marking a new one as a blog with music. There have to be about 20 out of the 150+ blogs that I subscribe to. After looking at all of the comments that people left liking the music players or not liking the music players I noticed a trend. Do you realize that most of the haters are laptop users and most of the indifferent people are PC users? What does this mean? PC users probably don't mind as much because they can just reach over to the speaker and turn the volume down. Us laptop users; we don't have a knob. For me it's Control +F3 for down, Control +F4 for up and Control + F5 to Mute. However, I've pretty much worn out the F3 and F5 buttons. It boils down to this, it has nothing to do with the choice of music; it has to do with having the $hit scared out of you when you're not expecting loud music to come blaring out of your computer.


kt said...

I was going to watch the sox game, but they're in a slump since the all-star break... and with the yanks and rays heating up... it's just not something I can bear watching. that and manny's antics... oy! but in the grand scheme of things, I can understand about the being able to do stuff during games. I mostly just watch at home... we don't go to many games (what with the fenway being about 2+ hrs away - T commute included) and the ones I have... I'm usually more interested in the brews than the quilting. :) ;)

best of luck on your final two days of survivor. I think you should all just settle for an equal amount, call it a tie, and get everyone something nice... all three of you have totally dominated the quilting scene! you ALL deserve something awesome! :D

CatQuilter said...

Two more days, gal. Keep it going! Sorry about the Brewers losing to the Cubs. The Reds'season is for all intents and purposes over. They stink! But I still listen to the radio every night. We're all bloody hopeless, as my DH would say.

Moneik said...

Sorry to hear the game was that bad. At least you got a lot of sewing done!

Trish said...

It could be worse, you could be a Blue Jays fan like me.... very painful.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

All the peanut eating is why so much beer is consumed during the game. I don't eat peanuts and I don't drink beer it's a win win for me.

Michelle said...

Of course you know, Louie has been thinking about you each and every day while the Cubs have been playing the Brewers, and he even said one day he thought he saw you on television! I asked him if you had a quilt on your lap and he said he didn't know. He wondered where your seats usually are.

Maureen said...

Okay I am commenting on the music thing...but you are so right. I don't like music on blogs for the reason it is a pain to turn the music down. Pretty easy to just turn the music off here on the PC.

Thanks for figuring that least for me.