Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Final Day of Competition

I was up early because it was the last day of the competition. I knew in order to keep my lead I had to get some serious sewing in before work. I got all of the moons appliqued.

I got ready for work, grabbed a can of soda and my fabric/paper scissors to throw in my purse along with the moons and stars to cut out and off I went.

I got to work to find that my can of soda and scissors was missing but, I had my tube of toothpaste in my purse!!

I was so exhausted that I grabbed the wrong stuff!! On my way into work I do remember thinking, did I rinse my mouth when I was done brushing my teeth? My teeth had that gritty baking soda tooth paste feel to them.

Thank god it was the last day of competition.

When I got home from work I hit the sewing room. Around 6:30 I was ready to drop. I needed a nap. Mike made dinner. I still felt sleepy after eating it. He went to run errands and my mom came over to keep me awake and brought me a bag of chocolate. YUM. Who am I to turn down chocolate? Mike came home from his errands and brought in a gigantic French Vanilla Iced Coffee to give me a blast of caffeine.

Now I was re-energized. I had the gumption to go on. I finished the applique, I added eyes and mouths to my stars using my machine. Put the blocks together, scrounged up strips for my piano key border and wallah, it’s a baby quilt:


You know what the best thing is? I made it entirely from my scraps!! And you all know I’m NOT a scrap quilt person. This planned scrappy is just about all I can take in the scrappy world. It’s just not me. But this sure is cute! The other moons and stars are ready to go as well. I just need to start appliqueing them. Actually, I need to cut the background squares first. I’m sort of low in the blue scrap department so I probably will switch that to a yellow piano key border because I have LOADS of yellow. I think I’ll also put blocks with yellow backgrounds in the corners instead of the blue.

At 11:15 central time I was at an even 184 hours. I knew at that point that Moneik couldn’t make a come from behind win because she had instant messaged to say that as soon as she hit 180 hours she was going to bed; it was 10:15 her time.


Michelle said...

Hmmm...aren't you the one who loses toothpaste all the time?

Regina said...

Congrats on the win - and I love the baby quilt - so cute!!!

Now get some sleep - can't have you brushing your teeth with your sewing scissors (when I was an exchange student one kid brushed his teeth with host grandma's denture cream - it had a picture of teeth on it at least!! LOL)

Moneik said...

Go get some sleep... I should have known you'd get up in the middle of the night and sew just to beat me! Oh well, I think your baby quilt is so cute and your scraps are great! I don't even have enough to make my block, going to buy some tonight. Congrats on your win... you are the original prolific quilter.

swooze said...

Adorable quilt!

Maureen said...

I love this quilt! How wonderful that you made it with scraps.


P.S. - See I'm catching up on reading blogs...I'm starting with yours.