Monday, July 21, 2008

Gadget Girl reports in.

A dark horse has come from behind and is currently in the lead in our Survivor competition! OMG!! Moneik is in the lead and Jill and I are tied.

I was up early this morning so I got caught up on my blogging so I thought that since I'm a self proclaimed Gadget Girl, I'd share my new favorite Gadgets.

The first one on my list is the Bissel Spot Bot. I LOVE this thing. Fill it up, plop it on the spot, hit a button, it cleans the spot. Fantastic for pet accidents, odd gunk that the hubster has stuck to the bottom of his shoes, general dumb things that I do; etc. Freaking fabulous. I know eventually we'll buy a regular carpet cleaner but for now, this thing is the bomb. I bought it on sale at Kohls.

The second item on my list is my Dirt Devil Kone Cordless Hand Vac. First of all, it totall matches the color scheme of my Quilt Studios. Second of's awesome for cleaning up the teeny dog ears from half square triangles, lint that I've brushed out of my sewing machine, long pieces of thread that I fling onto the quilt frame as I work. It's great for the days that Holly decides to rummage in my quilting garbage and deposits little bits of fabric EVERYWHERE and of course, awesome to get all the little bits of paper off the table after I take it off of a paper pieced block. LOVE IT!! Also from Kohls.

The third item on my must have Gadget List is the Ped Egg. Seriously, I was skeptical. I've always been a fan of the 2 times per year pedicure but you know what, it's towards the end of July and I've yet to have time to go for one. I have bad heels. Horribly bad heeles. Nasty even. I typically would use one of those heel shaver dealys but you need to have taken the time to dip your feet so that the water softens the skin...I just don't have that time or patience these days. One of my Aunt's mentioned the Ped Egg and how great it was. I was still skeptical. Finally when we were in Bed, Bath and Beyond over the weekend I purchased one.

The thing is FRIGGING AWESOME!! You can even buy replacement cheese graters; oh, I mean shavers. Giggle. You use it on dry feet and it really is like a super fine cheese grater and my heels were smooth in no time at all. Ok, so I was a bit grossed out at the amount of dead skin that collected in the egg but beyond, I LOVE it.

The last item really isn't a gadget; it's a light. I'll admit that I looked through the paper and passed right over it until Mike brought the flyer up to quilt studio west and pointed it out. Bed Bath and Beyond....$19.99! I'm betting my light bulbs cost more than the lamp because Mike put the energy efficient squiggly deals in it. It has three settings. The two lighter colored lamps or the three darker colored lamps, or all 5. I've found that I haven't even been using my ott lamps as much in my studio. Isn't it fun, funky and way cool??? I LOVE it!!


Moneik said...

Your gadgets are awesome! I think I'm going to have to get more light for my studio as well.

Regina said...

I've been looking at those lights - now I've GOT to get me one.
BB&B - here I come!!!

Michelle said...

That light is awesome! I love the way it looks!

Sandra said...

Hey Jen, youare so right about the ped egg.I have one and love it. I want a spot bot. I have 2 dogs that are getting older so sometimes we have accidents.Did I say dogs I ment furry kids.

Connie said...

On your postitive review, I went out and got one yesterday (a Ped Egg that is)--it does indeed work great!! Esp. after I slathered on some heel cream and put on socks for a bit after using it--fixed up my feet real purdy! Thx for the tip!