Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Honestly? Should this be so hard??

I want to quit the post office!! They still can't get our mail forwarded properly. I got a call telling me that our old apartment complex office had a load of our mail and to go pick it up. We went...sure enough; nothing was getting forwarded. We go to the post office. We had to speak to the head honcho. Yep, you could see all of my attempts to change our address just like I had told him the last time we spoke when he swore up and down that I didn't do it online. Gee, then what were the three entries from June 13th that I see there? Gosh, could those be the ONES I TOLD YOU ABOUT?? So we're at day 25 and we still don't have properly forwarded mail? Come on now people. Don't they have people moving all the time? Do they handle EVERY change of address this badly? They get to do their job this poorly and have had how many increases in postage in the last few years? I mail out so few things as it is. I still had "Forever" stamps from the last increase.

I did more handstitching of my binding tonight while we watched the Brewer Game. I got 4 hours in. Wahooooo. I retain my lead!!

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jillquilts said...

Give me time. I am ready to go! THis is an all quilting ALL WEEKEND weekend!