Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lime Coiled Rug

I got up around 9 this morning and continued wrapping the washline for my coiled rug. I think it now has 300 feet on it. I really think there's only 200 but I just think it seems a lot larger than my mom's did at 200 feet so it's gotta be 300. I'm now out of the lime fabric so to make it larger I'll need to use a few of the other colors from the wallhanging. I'm not sure if I should finish it at this size or give it a few rounds of another color to change it's look. It currently measures 22" x 27.5". It looks just awesome much better in person.


Now that I've blogged it's time to hop in the shower and get laundry going so that I can sew the rest of the day because Jill has taken the lead and I can't have her getting comfortable up at the top!!

3 Hours Completed at time of Entry.
32.75 Total hours for the month of July.

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Moneik said...

I got my clothesline and fabric cut, so I'm ready to start making mine too!