Thursday, July 3, 2008

The opening of Studio East

Tonight was the grand opening of Quilt Studio East. I loaded my mom's shower curtain on the frame and quilted it for her. We learned a few things. It's 'interesting' to quilt just two layers of fabric and no batting. For the header and footer of the shower curtain my mom cut the strips from the length of her fabric instead of piecing the borders. Wow, we sure learned our lesson. It stretched horribly. I think once she squares it up a bit and binds it, it should turn out ok but we won't do that again!!

All in all I got 30 minutes of wrapping a fabric coiled bowl in at lunchtime. Three and a half hours to get mom's shower curtain loaded and quilted and then another 30 minutes of wrapping my rug before bed. 4 and a half hours yesterday bringing my total to 13.75 hours for the month of July and it's only day three!!!

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Michelle said...

Hey, you forgot to add the 6 hours I donated to you!(see my blog)