Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Out Cut - Out Sew - Out Quilt

Ladies start your machines!! We are ready to sew!! Isn't this exciting? I'm excited!! Heck, I've even talked my Mom into setting a goal for the month and she chose 50 hours!!

I got in 5 hours on the first day.

My Mom and my cousin April came over to sew tonight. Mom made her binding and washed her backing fabric while April and I prepped 12 of her T-shirts for a T-shirt Quilt. While April cut her T-shirts open I made her a Pillow Case.

April's Pillow Case

There's a funny story about how this pillow case came to be. April LOVES soccer. To say she LOVES Soccer is probably an understatement. She played all through grade school and high school. A few pick up games here and there in college but I know she'd give her right arm to play on a women's pro team. I see the above fabric and thought it would be perfect for Ape. Soccer Chick Chelsey gives me a hard time and tells me that pink and soccer DO NOT go together. I thought to myself, but I KNOW Ape likes pink. Hrmph. A few days pass and I say to April, "Do pink and soccer go together?" "Of Course," she says and rattles off some team that has pink and black as their colors. I say, "Well good, there's this pink and black soccer fabric at work that I wanted to make a pillow case out of for you but SCC says Pink and Soccer don't go." Then it happened...Ape asked me more info about SCC. I tell her that she's a senior at XYZ high school, that she plays soccer, etc.

A:Her last name isn't ABC is it?

Dead silence...you could hear the crickets...

J:Uhhh, yeah.

Dead silence.

A: I GREW UP WITH HER, her mom babysat me when I was younger. She's Kim's sister.
J: Kim? Kimmy Kim? Noah's Ark Kim?

(Years ago we went to her Dad's parents home up north and took a day trip to Noah's Ark)

A: Yeah!
J: Holy Crap it's a small world after all....

The next day I'm just DYING to see SCC so we can have this silly conversation.

J: I have it on good authority that you're wrong...pink and soccer DO go together.
SCC: Who is your authority because they soooo do not.
J: My cousin (totally being evasive here to draw out the suspense)
SCC: Your cousin is wrong.
J: She is not.
SCC: Well then who the heck is your cousin?
J: Ape.
SCC: You have GOT to be kidding me. She's your cousin?
J: Yep.
SCC: Well, I don't care. I still say pink and soccer do not go together.

...And we start to laugh

So there you have it...it really is a small world and Ape now has a pink and black soccer pillow case!!

Once I was done with her pillow case and she was done splitting her shirts we set about ironing interfacing on the back and cutting them to size. I ironed, she squared up.


She's so going to kill me for putting this picture up. What you don't see is my mom on the other side of the room warning her NOT to do anything stupid or I'll video it and put THAT on my blog instead.

We laid out the t-shirts and then I went about searching for the right colors to use for sashing. I found the right colors, now I just need to buy some yardage. Once the top is together April and I can decide what to do for borders.

April's T-Shirt Quilt Layout

Pillow Case and T-Shirt Prep - 2 HOURS

We watched some of the Brewer Game with Mike. While doing that I worked on wrapping wash line for my Fall Coiled Bowl. It's been quite a long time since I worked on that.

Fall Fabric Coiled Bowl - 1 Hour

April and my Mom went home around 10. I went back to my sewing room and made the Patriotic Wheel that my mom has made a few of. It turned out nice. I did my prairie points differently than the pattern suggested. I learned something new. I actually adjusted the stitch length and width on my blanket stitch. I LOVE the way it turned out although it doesn't really show up in the picture.


Patriotic Wheel Table Topper - 1 Hour

My variegated thread came the other day so I could continue work on my Lime coiled rug that will go in the half bath. I sewed the fabric that was already wrapped, wrapped the remaining rope from the first 100 feet and sewed that as well. So far it has 100 feet. This week I hope to add another 100 feet.

Lime Rug

Lime coiled rug - 1 hour

Evening total - 5 hours. July total - 5 hours.

Ohhh, I've got another funny story. I came home from work last night and couldn't find Holly. The windows at home were open so she was hearing all the kids playing with fire crackers. She freaks out with thunder so therefore fire crackers are just as evil in her head. I FOUND HER IN THE WALK IN CLOSET IN OUR BEDROOM. =( I couldn't help but laugh at her. I wish I had my camera on me at the time. I got her out of there and we went downstairs. She tried to crawl behind the entertainment center but Winnie the Pooh didn't fit. I opened the front closet to get out the vacuum and she crawled in there. Finding this funny, I called Mike and said, "Your dog-ter is gay, she just came out of the closet." I seriously could not stop laughing. Every time I turned around she was in a closet. Then she went into the half bath and hid under the sink (there's no cabinet). I needed to get her out of there because the glue is still oozing up from the floor. We're going to have to cover the floor with a remnant piece of carpet; I just know it. We can't get rid of this glue. AND the glue has gotten tracked onto the brand new carpeting outside the bathroom. If anyone has any ideas on that I'd appreciate them. I keep cleaning the area but really, I'm just cleaning the glue so it doesn't look filthy. I kept telling Holly she was going to have glue on her butt. The final straw was when Holly was in the quilt studio with us and kept getting tangled in the iron cord. I had to lock her out. Turns out she went to the basement and laid up against the dryer. =( Then from there she moved underneath the storage shelves. It was soooo sad. Finally we just decided to turn the Central Air on so that with the windows closed she won't hear as many fire crackers.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You're off to a fab start, Jen! You can do it! One of my dogs is terrified of loud noises too. Thunder, fire works...just scare the crap outta poor Mugsy. And he cries when he hears them. Hides and cries very loudly. I used to have a coffee table that he could get under and hide, but no more. It's the worst part of the the fourth around here....
Do they make earplugs for dogs?

Moneik said...

Oh how funny! It's really a small world and usually you can find someone who knows someone... In SD anyone you talk to probably knows someone you know. At our wedding the best man knew all these people my dad knew, yet they had never met before.

Kristie said...

Sounds like you are off to a good start!!! Good Luck!

Michelle said...

Goo gone, Jen, works miracles. Goo-Gone, available at menards and lots of places.

Debi said...

I love your rug, what pattern did you use?

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Your topper turned out great looking and wasn't I right it's a simple pattern.

Carla said...

I love your rug! How big is it going to be? Good luck this month!

sassymisspeanut said...

Jen, try using some brake cleaner on the carpet. It will take tar out and bubblegum so I figure glue will be easy. You can get it at WalMart or any auto parts store. Btw, I love reading your posts. I feel I keep up with your life.