Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shade Cascade

I got an early start on Saturday Morning. I had Mike wake me up when he went golfing so I could get some sewing time in before work. I was able to get my purple blocks almost done. I realized I had mis-cut and didn't have enough fabric to cut a new piece so I took what I had and pieced it all back together and re-cut. We're quilters darn it. You can't tell me that the pioneers in our field tossed out a piece of fabric because they cut it wrong. Once it's quilted and on the wall no one will notice.


I headed off to work and we had a really busy day. The time went super fast. I bought 2 panels that I'm giong to quilt with dwirling and use as baby boy quilts. I fell in LOVE with these panels.

This is my backing.

This is my binding.

I can't wait to quilt them. I think it's beyond adorable.

When I got home I immediately hit my sewing room and Mom joined me to sew. She started working on a Christmas Quilt and then got the idea to make her co-worker a quilt as a gift as she just put in her notice at work. We were brainstorming when I remembered that I had 12 fat quarters that I bought at the last Fat Quarter Frenzy that matched. They were coffee prints and I got them just incase I needed a quick gift. Mom whipped it together and now just needs borders and binding.


I was able to get my last block for Shade Cascade made before dinner.


Then I quickly laid it out before we ate.


TIP: I've started numbering my blocks once I lay them out and then pin that to the middle of each block. That way I always know what order and what direction they go in. This is really saving me a lot of time. I leave the labels pinned in place until I'm finished assembling.

I fell in love with it. I ate at lightening speed just so I could go assemble it and see the finished product.


Next up was to put the border on my Smores quilt. The picture isn't that great. I was holding the quilt and mom was taking the picture with my camera and neither of us realized it was on night mode. I'll get a better picture of it once I've got it quilted.


Once it's quilted, I have jumbo brown rick-rack that will get sewn between the quilt and the border. It's going to be SOOOO cute!!!!

I think that's it. I shouldn't say 'it' because it's a lot that I got done in 9.5 hours!!!

I almost forgot the most important thing. I got a phone call about my Babylock QCP for my frame. I guess it's stuck at the freight forwarder until the LTL has enough for an entire load to the area. A new machine and regulator was ordered for me separately now and it should be here by's keeping my fingers crossed because now I have one heck of a pile that needs to be quilted!


TLC said...

Wow, I didn't have to wait long to see your beautiful quilt! You are fast! It looks amazing. I have always wanted to make a quilt like that. It has so much depth!

Moneik said...

Oh I love that quilt! Karen just made that pattern. I think she used all batiks though. I love the smores quilt too. Are you going to use a dark binding to bring it all together? Your mom's quick quilt is so cute too! We have a tradition of giving quilts to those we work with closely when they leave.
I love that panel too! I got one on our honeymoon and the coordinates to go with it. My dad drives a blade and my little bro used to work for Butler Cat, so it's really appropriate... Good thing Molly was a girl or she would have gotten it! Now it's for our little boy!

jillquilts said...

Here's a better tip! Use the blue painter's tape to label your blocks. Use a sharpie to number the tape and then stick the tape to the lower right corner of the block. This way, you will be able to remove the tape and re-sticker if you have to move a block and you will always know which side is which. I have tried using the post it tape and it just doesn't stick all that well. The painter's tape is wonderful! I have like 3 large rolls of it from when we painted my condo. That's all they use at Best Friends for classes. It's great!

Amelia said...

Love the shade cascade quilt...color layout is outstanding.


Suzan said...

Shade Cascade would be PERFECT for my son and DIL. She has asked for another quilt that they could hang in their LR in place of the Christmas quilt. I am going on a website hunt to find one. Thanks for sharing!!

Hazel said...

The shade cascade quilt is stunning .

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Love Love Love the Shade Cascade. Love it! You did great on it and I can't wait to see it quilted when your new machine ARRIVES on THURSDAY!

Regina said...

Love that Coffee YBR - such rich color to it! The Shade Cascade is cool, too!

Zegi said...

That's strange about your quilt frame...LTL stands for "Less Than Truckload" means they don't wait for a full load. Weird.

Michelle said...

I love the coffee YBR quilt, and I also love the shade cascade. I also wish you would share some of that endless energy with me!

Maureen said...

Jen I love the colors you chose for shade cascade! Beautiful.