Monday, July 14, 2008

The shock of a lifetime

I thought I killed my machine last night.

I was quilting along on Maddie's Blue and Yellow Quilt. All excited because I was so close to the bottom and had yet to have a thread break when my machine SLOWED WAY DOWN, MADE HORRIBLE NOISES AND STOPPED WORKING.

I turned everything off, opened Elizabeth up and started cleaning. Ok, she had some lint; I'll give her that but NOT enough to freak out over. I hit the start/stop button and she just didn't want to go. Turned it on and off again and she started right up like nothing had happened, BUT I couldn't get the speed controller to work with her right away. So now I don't know, something odd with my machine? Something odd with the Speed Controller? Something odd with the extension cord? The outlet itself? My gosh where to begin? When I got the quilt done, I put her back into my table and she sewed great but still had a little bit different sound than she normally does. I wonder if I should run her to the doctor just to get the all clear?

I boxed up Maddy's quilts, a package for Kristie and an ebay auction when I realized I still hadn't received payment on my earlier auction. I'm only mildly irked; because it just doesn't pay to get mad about it. I emailed the buyer who had specifically asked before bidding if I would be willing to take a check instead of paypal. I said I'd only take a postal money order if it was received in 7 days, bidder agreed, bid and proceeded to win the auction. 2 weeks later; still no money. No email from the buyer, nothing. I emailed and asked if they were still interested in the item or if I should go ahead and re-list it. Told me to re-list it; no additonal response. So now I need to go through all the E-bay malarky just to get my listing fee's back. THAT'S the part I'm irritated with. In order to get them back I've got to wait ANOTHER 7 days. It's just stuff I realized I'm not going to use and figured I'd sell...I don't want it hanging around another 7 days!

Oh wait...but you came here for the eye candy!! Here's Maddy's quilt:



Didn't it turn out nice? I can't wait for her to get them in the mail!


Regina said...

You and Jill are just running those machines ragged -first Bubba and now Elizabeth. Lets hope everyone holds out through the end!!!

Kristie said...

Is this your new machine or your 6600? I start getting nervous when they do that! Hope it is nothing serious!!!

I love that quilt! What is the pattern?? Looks very nice!

I have been sewing all morning, trying to beat Regina!!! I have 4 hours in this morning so far. So that should make me 75 hours as of now!!!

Michelle said...

You have run quite a few quilts through Elizabeth since her last service. Maybe she just needs some more oil...and a hug and a kind word. Hope she is ok.

The quilt looks great...and Paypal is all we deal with. Been there, done that, got burned, got stubborn.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Quilt turned out wonderfully! I love it when Michelle tells you to oil and hug her! Kind words I didn't know about. Keep up the great competition hours. You RAWK!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

OH no not Elizabeth. Do what Michelle said oil and hug her. Maybe she's just tired yet she can rest during the day when you're at work. The quilt looks great.

Luv to quilt said...

Beautiful quilts as always. You are my quilting hero.
I hope Elizabeth is better.

Nancy-Rose said...

You've been NOMINATED Jen! Check out today's post on MY blog.


KyQuiltlady said...

I love the quilt! Looks so comfy. You girls sure getting a lot of sewing done. I have had to many things happening this summer to quilt like I want to.

How's your machine doing? I have had simular problem with my Janome 1600P. So many thread breakages that I had them to send back to company.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

What a pretty quilt. Of course we all know I'm partial to blue. Keep sewing. YOU CAN DO IT.

Carol VR said...

You'd swear it was made out of denims. FANTASTIC!!!