Saturday, July 19, 2008

Super Sewing Saturday

We had block of the month at Bits and Pieces this morning. I also went on an "I'm pissed off about having to wait 5 weeks for a machine" shopping spree.

The other day I bought the Ascot reds to do a stack and whack and I thought the black fabric would look really sharp worked in with it. Patched Works was out of the black but I noticed that Bits & Pieces had it. Now I've got LOTS to work with.


Then I picked out these three cuts of fabric to make a Shade/Cascade wallhanging. I'm facinated with it. I guess moreso because there are 4 colors on each cut of fabric.


I grabbed these fat quarters to make a Yellow Brick Road baby quilt to knock another quilt off of the TWELVE baby quilts that I need. LOL.


Then it was time to come home and get some serious sewing hours in. I started by making Friday's BOM.


I made the 8 blocks required for this month's Saturday BOM.


I started the 4 blocks from the previous month's Saturday BOM. They took me FOREVER to do and I didn't even get them finished!!


I also got a friendship block made. It's the Wisconsin block from Carol Doak's 50 Stars Book. It just reminded me how much I enjoy Paper Piecing. It's definitely time to do some more of it!!



kt said...

I love the paper piecing. I, too, love it and just don't do enough of it! will you just repeat the pattern over multiple blocks for a wisconsin quilt, or are you going to do, what I assume would be, all the states. I'd like to know... it's really a pretty pattern. :)

Moneik said...

Love your block for the quilt.It looks great! I went to make my SD block and there are over 100 pieces in it! I don't have red and blue either, so I've defaulted to my moms stash! YEAH she rocks, she'll be here tomorrow, so I can go pick them up.

Suzan said...

That's the spirit - get pissed and go shopping!! (I do the very same thing) Wondering why you ended up deciding to go with the Baby Lock?

Michelle said...

OH MY GOD! I love your Red white and blue block!!! I also love your red and black fabrics. Some day I have just GOT to make a red and black quilt, even though those are not my house color scheme.

I love your BOM block and the fabrics for the baby quilts are just Louie would say...(first clearing his throat...)..CCCccccuuuuuuuuuttttee!