Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Working on Winning

I’m writing this post late because I’ve been so exhausted. What can I say, the competition wore me out!!

I received my Café Press order in the mail. I forgot to take a picture of my mom’s t-shirt before I dropped it off. The only difference is, mine is a black v-neck t-shirt and hers is a white scoop neck t-shirt. FYI, they look way better in person than in the pictures. My new camera; sometimes the colors that come out of it aren’t that great. =(


I also made a few items with my Cre8tive Quilter blog header; minus the “insane ramblings” part.

I got Cre8tive Quilter and Survivor Stickers. Not sure what I’ll put them on yet but you never know!


I got a Cre8tive Quilter Hat and I forgot to change the mode to “up close” when I shot it so it’s a little on the blurry side:


And also a t-shirt:


Wednesday night I spent quite a bit of time tracing and cutting and starting to appliqué stars and moons for a baby quilt.

I actually fell asleep at my sewing machine. I remember leaning my head against the sewing machine to watch myself appliqué because I just couldn’t hold my head up.

I know there wasn’t much time that passed but still…I work up and thought, CRAP!!! By the time I fell into bed I was just delirious and yet; I couldn’t fall asleep once in bed. I just kept thinking…Moneik is going to beat me if I just give up like this. I got back out of bed for another hour and traced more moons and stars; enough for a 2nd moon and star quilt.


Michelle said...

Love your Cre8tive Quilter items!1111

Moneik said...

Your items are so cute! I love my shirt and i got the sticker too. I think I'll be putting it on the cover of my sewing supplies bag.