Monday, August 18, 2008

2006 - A 30th Birthday Gift

For my dear friend Ruth. This pattern is an Eleanor Burns Pattern from "Still Stripping after 25 Years." It's called, "Cornerstones." So I named Ruth's "Cornerstones of your Life." These colors match her living room quite nicely because she has rich brown leather furniture.

Ruth's Cornerstones of my Life Quilt - 30th Birthday Gift

This was also the first time I generated a label out of my 6600.

Cornerstones of my Life Quilt label

Now, my dear friend Ruth has a MIL who owns a quilt shop, yet I'm the one who taught her to quilt when she showed an interest. Ruth and I don't quite understand why said MIL isn't at all taking in interest in her desire to quilt. It's a mystery that we may never get an answer to!!!


Moneik said...

Very cool quilt and label. I've only done a couple with my machine. It's so time consuming!

Regina said...

Gorgeous quilt - interesting with the MIL - hmmm....

Mine just commissioned me to make something for her to give as a gift this weekend (easy quick make) - and she's been sewing YEARS longer than I have. Maybe it's because she has so much stuff in her house she cannot get to the machine?!??!?!

Hazel said...

The quilt is very pretty , she'll love it .