Friday, August 22, 2008

Block of the Month - Center Applique

We took a class tonight to create a center medallion for our Friday night block of the month quilt. Wendy showed me a cool stitch to use for applique; mode 3, #34. It's a random satin stitch. I ended up using it on the outside of a flower and it turned out looking like a peacock feather. I probably would have never used this stitch so it's a great find. This of course also reminded us that we really should make stitch charts for our machines. How do you know what something does unless you play with it?

Before class started I put together the block that we got last week. I put it together wrong so I just figured out a new layout for my pieces and went with it. Instead of thinking mistake, I'm thinking that I just made my quilt a little bit different than the 70+ others doing this same quilt with the same fabric. This is block number 11. There are 14 blocks to this quilt with a medallion added in the center.

Wendy BOM #11

I'll just show a piece of the applique in this post because I didn't finish it. It was totally finished by the time I took it's picture.


After class, Mom, Maureen, Sherry, Beryl and I went out for dinner. We had a great time as usual. It's good to hang out with my friends; we had stopped going out for a while because everyone was too busy. When it comes down to it, it's all about just taking the time and doing it.


Moneik said...

Your blocks are beautiful! I love that stitch and it looks really awesome with verigated thread. Your quilt is going to be beautiful

Kristie said...

I love the applique!!! It looks very nice! Can't wait to see all of this quilt!

Diane said...

The applique block is beautiful. How did you get the frayed edge on the leaf. I love it!

KyQuiltlady said...

I just love the applique block! Really neat and I will have to try that. I have an urge to do a wall hanging from the new Quilters World magazine. I have never appliqued. Going to take a class at camp in September.