Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For the last time I am NOT sharing my dinner!!

Wowzers!! I actually know someone who has a picture on Cute Overload!! My friend Katie has been featured! Katie is an AWESOME graphic artist who has dabbled in photography for years but is now taking the time to do a Photography Blog called Focusnapop. (Focus Snap Pop for those of you who are looking at it thinking, huh?) She's got more talent than I do; that's for darn sure!!

Without further ado, here's her fabulously adorable featured pic:

Take the time, go check out her blog!

Katie's photo blog joins a few of my other favorite photographers; Tim Holte who I featured last June whose pictures can be seen on Photo.net and of course Pioneer Woman who not only takes awesome pictures but does Photo Shop Tutorials on what changes she makes along with the before and afters.


Miss Organizized said...

Aww Jen, FUN!!! I feel like the most insignificant celeb ever HA!!

And HUSH now, I wouldn't even know how to sew two scraps together, so THERE! ;)

I'm def going to have to check out those other photographer shout outs as well!

Moneik said...

I've been reading her blog and it looks great! She's a wonderful photographer.

kt said...

I totally saw this on cuteoverload.com before you posted it, too... so imagine my surprise when I see it here, too! kATHEY kING from the pickle group had a picture of her puppy, cow, up there a few months ago, too.

wicked cute... and just in time for fair season! :)