Saturday, August 9, 2008

In the middle of the night...

I had an Epiphany. No actually it was more of an 'oh shit' type moment. You see, Mike's been giving me a hard time because lately I've been falling asleep on the couch after he goes to bed. So when I woke up around 5am with all the lights still on I snuck upstairs to slide into bed. Of course by then my eyes were popped open and I began to think.

You see, I may not be electrically inclined but boy the circuit board on my regulator sure didn't look like the regulator that was pictured with the directions telling me that I had the wrong one. I knew the Grace Sure stitch had come to the shop via Babylock. Hmmm, was it possible that I had the right regulator but wrong directions? I hopped onto the Grace Yahoo group that I'm a member of, asking if anyone with the same machine I have would be willing to scan that page of their regulator's directions. Only then was I able to fall asleep.

I worked a double shift, the normal 10-4 but then we had an event from 6-10 so I really didn't have much time to see if I was right. I did hop back onto the yahoo group to see that no one had answered my question. Bummer!! When I did get home that night I thought…well maybe if it came from Babylock they've already set it up for my machine. I plugged it in and holy crap…it worked. But, I was beat so I went to bed vowing to play on Sunday.

I promised you all pictures of the quilts at State Fair. Since I really had to crop them, a slide show isn't the best way to view them. So just thumb through the album. NancyRose; I took the grouping of Dear Jane shots especially for you. I would have taken better closeups but man…it was really high in the air!!


Moneik said...

The quilts from the fair look great. I'm simply amazed at the work that is done on these quilts. I'm so happy you had the epiphany!

Infinity Quilter said...

Thanks for posting the pics from the fair....we didn't get there this year. I wish we had, I would have loved to see the dog one up close. Congrats on your new "baby".