Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lots of Applique, Flying Geese and Tote bags

This morning I rearranged the tables in my sewing room to realize that I can accomodate four 2 foot by 4 foot tables; 3 friends, plus me. I resolved that after work I'd stop at Sam's Club and pick up another table. I currently have mine and my mom's folding tables in my room. Picking up that extra table would make enough room for Sherry, Maureen and my Mom to come over and sew and it would give enough room for the 'W Crew + Mom' to come sew. When there's 4 tables, the ironing board will be moved out into Quilt Studio East with the Quilt Frame. This of course made me notice a new way that Quilt Studio East should be set up...but that's a topic for another day!!

Mom met me at Sam's Club and we did a frenzy of purchasing. A table, two giant packs of TP; one for me and one for her, 3 packs of raspberries, a pizza and some cereal bars. Then we hopped over to Hancock's where we met Maureen to buy some ribbon for our tote bags. Honestly, I can't believe the transformation that Hancock's has made. So we wandered and then all spent under $10!

Maureen and I, the BIG drinkers that we are...snort. Anyway, Maureen brought over Strawberry Margarita mix and tequila. I think I had about 8 ice cubes on hand and no one really wanted to go out and get ice even though it's a whopping 2 blocks away. I busted out the Magic Bullet Blender and mugs and made us each about a 6 ounce Margarita. Funny enough, it was enough margarita for us. LOL. It will take us FOREVER to get through this bottle of Tequila that Maureen bought. Seriously, if you could have seen our 6 ounce margaritas you would have wet yourself laughing. 6 ounces is a GENEROUS approximation.

We all headed up to the sewing room; Sherry was too tired to join us and she really missed out. Kidding Sherry, we know how it is to be THAT tired!! You needed a break. The good news is that ALL of your geese are cut out AND by the weekend, all of your stars will be cut out too; then you'll have the scaps that we have left over for your applique pieces. Happy Dance for YOU!!! =)

We started out making tote bags. I don't know why my first one took me no time at all but my second one took HOURS to make. Maybe it was the 6 ounce margarita. LOL. I had to split my cover because my fabric was directional. I also have a sock monkey one to make but I need something that matches the sock monkeys because it too is directional and I didn't realize that when I got the fabric. Anyway, back to the one I DID make. It's using the new Project Runway fabric that came out.


Then I set to cutting our flying geese for our quilt center. Once Mom left around midnight, Maureen and I were still going strong until 2am. She got her whole applique finished, I got my geese finished. I'll show you the finished project on Sunday's blog because the batteries are dead in my camera.


Moneik said...

Very cute bag and how much fun you must have had sewing!

Barb said...

Jen, What pattern did you use on your bag? It's adorable.