Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lots of Saturday Sewing

Maureen spent the day with me on Saturday. We sewed and sewed. I think Maureen was a good luck charm because while she was here I didn't have any other problems quilting Kristie's Bargello.

Kristie's Bargello


Maureen hopped from project to project before settling in. Then needing some stitch and tear we ran over to the J store only to find that they didn't have any. So, we bought a few silly little things. I picked up two magazines that we don't have at PW because they had interesting projects in them, some grosgrain ribbon and a kit kat bar because it was now about 2 and neither of us had had breakfast OR lunch. We had IHOP for lunch then and then came back to sew. We were working on our BOM centers. I got my quilt together. There are still 3 more months worth of blocks for us to get and put together. They will go with another that I've got made in the bottom row. Then I'll decide what to do for the border. Once those blocks are done the quilt will be put together in no time.


Maureen then started work on her Halloween wallhanging so I worked on my black and pink packages quilt.


Somewhere in that we went to Penzy's, Best Buy and for Slushies! I cut out about half of the yo-yo's that I'm planning to send to Heather. Hopefully we can have our box together by middle of this week. It was a nice, quilty day.

Speaking of Yo-Yo's. I have the Olfa circle cutter. I've found that the circle cutter works really well on the June Tailor cutting mat. It's funny because prior to cutting circles I had decided I hated that mat!



Kristie said...

Oh, Thank You so much for quilting it!!! I am very excited to have it done!!

Carla said...

I have that circle cutter and have never used it. Now if I ever use my yo yo makers, I'll be set. SOunds like you and Maureen got a lot done!

jillquilts said...

Oh, I am so glad that the second quilt went much better! And your BOM quilt is looking fantastic! Er, I mean, the BOM that you are making for me! he he he