Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mom's Birthday

We took my mom out to Tumbleweed for dinner. It's one of her favorite places. Mike made sure they knew it was her they came over after dinner with a brownie sundae. I had already given her her birthday presents a few weeks back but I decided to add a Willow Tree figurine. It's called generations and with the quilter it reminds me of my Mom, my Grandma and I.

After dinner she came over and sat with me while I cut our pieces for our block of the month center section. Then I sewed a few pillow cases that will be sent to Heather to had out to people in her unit as well as two for mom and I out of the Witches Undies line of fabric.


As Mike and I were sitting in the living room later on we saw this cute sight:


I had originally purchased that pillow for in the bedroom so that I could type on my laptop before going to bed. Well, Mike's become attached to it being in the living room and I guess Holly likes it too!! It's a good thing I broke down and purchased an additional one for myself!


Kristie said...

Sounds like your mom had a very nice birthday! Love the pillowcases!!!! That fabric is so cute! Holly is just too much! She is queen of your house, isn't she??

T said...

I think it's great that you get to quilt with your mom. My mom has a great appreciation for what I do, but is in no way involved in it (oh! I let her use a rotary cutter ONCE! NEVER AGAIN! - Thought I was gonna have heart failure as she flailed it around while talking).

And my daughter, while insanely talented in other artistic ways, isn't really into quilting, either. I get to be the quilt star of the family, I guess. But I get to be the star ALONE.

Regina said...

The photo of Holly is adorable - and I love that Willow Tree figure. I have a few of them that my mom started getting me when the Munchkin was born and just love them.

Carla said...

What fun Halloween fabric! I know just the friend that needs a pillowcase like that so I'll have to try and find some of that fabric.

Christine said...

That figurine is perfect. You have such a wonderful relationship with your Mom and Grandmother.

Moneik said...

Oh I love that figurine and someday it will be mine. I'm sure your mom loves it. The pillowcases are so cool and I'm sure Heather will enjoy them. Holly reminds me so much of Missy! What a cute photo of her.

Anonymous said...

I love the Willow Tree figurines and often give them as gifts. You can always find something appropriate for an individual. My niece - a fairly new mom has a lot of them.