Thursday, August 21, 2008

My day started off with an explosion

Oh poor Four Legged Freak, how I love you so...but MAN, you SMELL!! The pig ears have shall we say, left the building in a big way.

It started off with Mike saying in the morning; she didn't do anything for me when I took her out can you take her out before you leave for work? Sure.

Out we went, all I can say is that I felt SOOOO bad for her. We ended up being outside for over an hour. I called work and said I was going to be late; I couldn't leave her in that state. Especially after Mike had called the vet to ask about how long we need to keep an eye on her and such. In the end I baracaded her in the kitchen. I went to leave for work, couldn't find my keys. Mike had to come home, give me his and then we went on our merry ways. He took a half day and spent the rest of the day keeping his eye on her.

Then Holly's Grandma came over (my mom) and helped Holly get excited about drinking Gatorade (vet's suggestion on the Gatorade). Mike had mixed a bowl of water and blue gatoraide and my mom mixed a bowl of water and Fruit Punch. After a few laps, Holly definitely likes the Fruit Punch over the Blue stuff. Giggle.

It was 'W Night.' That's what we decided to call it right? Basically our Wednesday night work crew, sewing together on Thursday night. We've already made a plan on how it should be a regular event and how we'll nab Chelsy from the dorms and then get her back to school for Friday. Chelsy and Jen joined my mom and I to quilt. I loaded a quilt on the frame and worked on that while they got settled. Ok, I worked on the quilt until it was done. Who am I kidding! I quilted the center of the quilt in one color, then I changed the thread to a different color to do the border. I started at the bottom and then worked my way up the border on one side; across the top and then down the other side. It worked out really well. The only problem I had and it wasn't really a problem but since I started out basting the top of the quilt and then rolled down about 6 inches before starting my quilting, by the time I rolled back up to the top there was a little pucker at the top. To fix that I just pulled out that first basting row and re-pinned the top and then it was just fine.

The four of us fit in my sewing room...can you believe it? In the future though, I'd move the ironing board to the frame room for the evening and possibly collapse one side of the cutting table to fit in another table. Other than that, we all had room to move around. Although, I may have to keep an eye on my pink lamp so that it doesn't make its way to the UWM Dorms!! Jen worked on her 4 Patch Posy, Chelsy learned to make binding, my Mom made two blocks for our Friday night quilt.

I started on (and finished after the girls left) a Stitchin' Chicks Bag. I put my own twist on the bag; I left off the pockets because really, when would I fold it up into itself and need to carry it? I also did the handles the Lazy Girl way instead of sewing a seam and turning them. I had some shiny ribbon on hand so I used that but Grosgrain is what is called for and I know it's so the bag stays tied shut but I really wanted to finish it so I used what I had. Adding the zipper was super easy too. This bag was designed by Mary Enge and it boasts that it can hold up to 22 yards of fabric. With the way I pack for retreats and classes and such it sounded like a great bag. It will also be good when taking a quilt to guild for show and tell.

So the bag...I used a Pink Batik that I received from Maureen for my Birthday. Here's what it looks like from the outside, laying flat:


A shot showing my lining fabric.


Folded in Half:


Piling up my stuff for class tomorrow:


The sides are tied and the zipper is zipped:


I put more items in it later on. In it I have, my fabric for class, my notions, a pair of capri's to change into after work, a quilt that I've been hand sewing the binding on and a notebook. I think I still have enough room that I could put in a Full Size Quilt if I wanted.

I'll be making more of these. I have some novelty fabrics that are in my stash that I bought without reason and will probably never make it into quilts. One can only own so many pillow cases so now I'll have some fun tote bags.

This bag has been a hit at Patched Works but I never understood why. The sample bag really doesn't call out to a lot of people; to me it was just a bag. A lot of customers refer to it as the Paducah Bag and I didn't know what bag they were talking about until I saw a filled bag at a Midnight Madness sewing night and asked what it was. I was amazed at it's capacity.

Without a doubt it's a one evening project. If you were doing them assembly line, you could rattle out quite a few of them in one sitting. It would be a great alternative to a pillow case for wrapping a quilt. Ohhh, I bet a quilt AND my pillow AND my PJ's would fit into it for when I go to retreat!!

I hope the ladies in 'The W Group" had as much fun as I did!


Moneik said...

Hopefully Holly is feeling better by now. I'm sure it wasn't the best experience for her. I love the bag! It's really cool and would hold a lot of stuff!

jillquilts said...

I hope that Holly is feeling better, too! Love the bag! Very cool!

Michelle said...


I hope Holly is feeling better.

Regina said...

Great bag

Holly needs to meet my Joel (cat) - he's been going at BOTH ends... pheweeee..... ugh!
Wish I could attribute it to something he ate... then I'd know it would pass...

Michele said...

Bran cereal (just plain, no raisins) was recommended by my vet for diet-related intestinal upsets. It seems to work pretty well, and even the [relatively] fussy dog eats it.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for you and your dog, yet I can't help but laugh hysterically at the antics!! I have a yellow lab who tackled a box (warehouse sized) of oatmeal packets. Apparantly that was quite dangerous... oh my gosh, dogs are insane!

I love that you have a W Group to quilt with. I would love to have a little group like that. Glad you had a great night!
-Andrea from Alberta, Canada :-)