Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Sewful Saturday

Now, when I was done making that quilt last night; or should I say earlier this morning, I came downstairs to take it’s picture. Then I fully intended to blog about it right away but I sat down on the couch and while my laptop booted up I fell asleep. My neck was totally screwed up by the time I woke up at 4am and wandered upstairs. Sigh. Then I had to be up around 8 so that I could leave before 9 to drop the quilt off at PW and then make my way to B&P for block of the month.

I got to PW without a hitch. Dropped the quilt off, visited with Julie and Jessie and then I was on my way to B&P. I went via Bluemound Road. When did they start all the construction on Bluemound Road? I was oblivious to this fact. Ok, you local ladies can all laugh at me; I give you permission!! Now, let me clairify something. I used to go quite frequently to Bluemound road during my lunchtime but since I take Calhoun Road over I now haven't been that way since they closed Calhoun in May. I mentioned to Mike how much money Calhoun road being closed has saved us and he just wasn't amused by that fact. Anyway, I took Bluemound Road up to B&P and it took FOREVER. I was late but BOM at B&P never starts on time but when I got there everyone was still out in the lot. I had Kelly's cell phone number so I called and she was stuck in stand still traffic on the freeway. She had been there for 45 minutes already.

This now made me think of my Mom who was going to have to go from West Allis to Hartland to pick up my Grandma and then go back down to the Lake front for an Eidelweiss Cruise and then have a return trip to Hartland to drop her off. I tried to warn her not to take the freeway; but really it IS the only way to Grandma's...she was already stuck in traffic and was thinking she wasn't even going to make it to the boat on time. I tried to tell her to just turn around now and go herself but she was determined to take GMA along. Sigh, I have yet to hear if she made it on time or not. But, and I'm going to say it...that's what happens when my Grandma decideds to move to the other end of the freaking universe. People who WANT to spend time with you are going to have to spend 45+ minutes in the car each way just to visit on days when there is no traffic or construction issues. Probably about 90 minutes each way when there is traffic or construction. AND, those same people who want to visit can only go on a weekend because if they went after work it would end up being 8pm before they got out there and that's her bedtime. Then there's those poor saps like me who also work on weekends that want to visit but by the time the weekend comes around someone has already TAKEN HER to THEIR house for the weekend. SIGH. Honestly; now I haven't seen her since let's see, EARLY MAY. Can you tell I'm po-ed about this? All I can say is, I'm not the only one but no one else will speak up. Ok, gosh, I feel so much better getting that rant out of my system. It's been building for months now. Breathe in, breath out. SERENITY NOW!!!!

Ok, so we do block of the month to find that there's another FOUR blocks that need to be made this month. Seriously, I'm never doing another block of the month like this again. It's not ONE block a month, it's a freaking huge day long to put together project each month. I swear, I could do 4 paper pieced blocks faster than these blocks. They're not even complicated blocks, they're time consuming because everything starts out larger and then needs to be cut down. I'll be happy when this BOM is done and I swear I will NEVER join a BOM again that is multiple blocks per month. This isn't fun AT ALL.

I came home and intended to go directly to my sewing room to sort scraps but I was exhausted from my 4 hours of sleep so I took a nap on the couch. When I woke up I couldn't get motivated so I just sat around for about 3 hours. FINALLY I made it to my sewing room. I got my scrap bin sorted, I got quite a few things that have been hanging out on the floor of Quilt Studio West sorted into the scrap bins. I had Mike hang another ruler holder on my wall. The rooms still need a couple more hours of organization but for today, this was enough. I needed some quilty enjoyment.

I put April's T-shirt quilt on the frame. As soon as I hit the first t-shirt I started having problems and I thought, "OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE???" I mean at this point I had 11-1/2 shirts to quilt over yet. I think it was just bobbin issues. At first it was too full; so at least I've learned that lesson. I am getting my bobbin case in and out of the machine easier now but it's still akward. But, once I got going it was easy quilting. It turned out looking SOOO nice. I still can't get my tension completely balanced though. I was using a Guterman Varigated thread of black to red and Bottomline in the bobbin. I had pokies on the back no matter what I did. Eventually though, I will overcome this!! So here it is; now I just need to put the binding on it.



I'm really happy with it and I bet April will be too!!

I wanted to load my Smore's quilt but I just can't decide how I want to quilt it. I know I want swirly spirals but I can't find a good way to go from spiral one to spiral two. I did now find an idea in the Pajama Quilter workbook but I'm not comfortable enough yet to do it. I'll practice that this week and then throw it on the frame.

It was getting late so I thought I'd just put a baby quilt on the frame. I didn't think I'd actually get to quilt it. Then I started it and thought, ok, Ill do a pass or two. LOL, next thing I knew, I was done!! I did loop de loops with FLOWERS!! It's sooo cute. BUT, I picked an orange thread so the flowers really blend in. I think I should have gone with peach thread so it would have showed more like it was white and would have stood out. Oh well, learned my lesson. I'm also not sure why this quilt photographs so horribly. The close up shot is more the right colors of it.





So now the plan for tomorrow after work is to quilt some more quilts. Maybe another baby quilt and my shower curtain. Then I'll put the binding on all four quilts at once.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

HOW cool is that. I love the flowers on the quilting.

Kristie said...

The flower quilting looks GREAT! Such a great design for that quilt! You are really getting alot done!!!

jillquilts said...

Your quilting looks awesome!! I need to practice some flowers now! And you are always SO busy!

Suzan said...

Great quilting!!

Moneik said...

Your quilting looks great! I really like the t-shirt quilt. I wish I had your energy. I didn't touch my sewing room this weekend. I need to get something done this weekend.

Delighted Hands said...

Try this site for a pantograph called popcorn -interesting swirls and you can make your own variation--