Monday, August 11, 2008

Stash; my beautiful fabric stash

Ode to my Stash
I love you.
My Elegant Stash;
You're dearer than
all the world's cash.
I love to just
hold you
fondle and fold you
and praise your
distinctive panache!!

I began my quest to organize my stash. Now that the Quilt Survivor competition is over it's time to organize my stash and my scraps. My cabinet is together, my drawers for scraps are purchased; now is the time to fill them. I was talking yesterday about how I only have about 1-1/2 laundry baskets full of fabric stash. It all is able to heap into one basket so I took it downstairs to the living room to fold while I watch the olympics. I thought all day about the perfect way to fold my stash. My shelves are 11 inches deep and 24 inches wide so I was stumped. I was about to go get a specific size of plexiglass cut at the hardware store when I realized that I own a 5" x 24" stash busting ruler. Roll, roll, roll, fold, fold, fold, I've only managed to fold up about 1/3 of it. I'll worry about organizing it after it's all folded.

Left to fold:




I've noticed that I have more novelty fabric than actual 'pull for a quilt' type pieces.

See my angels up on top, they're from three of my favorite people. The one on the left is from Michelle, middle is from Jill and right is from Moneik.

Mom and I ran out to Johnson Creek tonight so I could buy a pair of Crocs. I got a new pair of the Celeste style because they are by far my most comfy pair...but since they're canvas and crosolite the canvas part really has become quite stinky. =( I'm going to see how they come out in the washing machine now that I have a back up. I also bought a pair of their RX type crocs that have much better heel support. They're in a blah grey color so I'll need to jaz them up with Jibbitz. I figure they will be great for standing at the cutting table for hours at a crack. Then of course; what's a trip to Johnson Creek without a detour to Shopko?? Holy Karp, they had bras on sale for $6.59. I bought three and together they didn't even add up to the price mine typically are at Kohl's. Even if they only last a short time it's a deal.


Moneik said...

Your stash is looking really nice. I went through mine last night and really organized it and anything that wasn't at least a fat quarter or quarter yard cut, went to the bins of scraps. I think this will be better for me. I really realized I don't have that much fabric anymore. I make up what I have! I'll have to take pictures tonight.

jillquilts said...

Wow! That does look great! I think that I will be organizing mine in the near future! I really like that cabinet, too! So are those all of your yard cuts? No FQs folded yet?

kt said...

did you have the Rx crocs before or is this your first pair? I'm thinking about them... but they're so... Rx-y. :) let me know how you like 'em. I need support when I'm standing and cutting, too.

Kristie said...

Nice organization!!! Love all of the fabrics! I actually have some of that Marine fabric in the basket, I bought it for Hunter, Richard was in the Marines so that is all the thinks about!

So when are you going to start on your Ocean Waves????

Suzan said...

Nice cabinet! What a great idea to do busy work while you are watching tv!!

Beth said...

SEE!!?? I TOLDja that rulers work good! Save ya some $$$ din't I? Now you have more to use to increase you STASH! :::patting self on back::::

amandajean said...

have fun folding your stash. I did that once and it took hours! but it was well worth it in the end. :)