Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Up way too early

Since I was up early this AM I went into Quilt Studio East and emptied a bobbin onto Kristie's quilt. The second bobbin went much better than the first. I have a feeling everything got thrown off because of those seams on the sheet. Next time I do a quilt using a sheet I'm cutting them off. I did my hour and then walked away...I really don't want to get frustrated! =) I'll do another hour tonight after work.

Then I popped over to Quilt Studio West. I was going to cut fabric circles out of the fabric I bought for a care package going to Heather. Hrmph. I couldn't find my Green Yo-Yo Maker to determine what size I needed to cut the circles. Anyone, Anyone?? At least I have the fabric all together in a nice little pile now.

Not wanting to be defeated I pulled out some fabric that I've decided to make into pillow cases to ship to Heather's unit with her care package. I got that cut and then cut out a pillow case out of "Witches Undies' fabric to make for my Mom and I. Now I just need to rifle through my scraps for 8 flanges. Shouldn't be too hard now that I've organized the bulk of my scraps.

It's going to be September. I'm really Summer/early Fall door wall-hanging poor. Anyone have any ideas for me? I'm not a teacher and I don't have kids so that whole back to school thing doesn't interest me. It's too early for Fall Leaves. I'm good once it's leaf and Halloween season. Maybe September 1st isn't too early for Leaves? What do you all think?

Next quilt for the frame is going to be my Shower Curtain. Hopefully then this weekend I can pick up the few remaining things that I want for the bathroom and we can actually have a finished room. Ok, not finished finished, I still think there needs to be some kind of wall hanging but let's face it, I could first get to that months from now. There's so much to make and so little time!!

I realized I have a hair cut appointment on Thursday that I need to change or cancel. It's on my Mom's Birthday AND I don't feel like going downtown with all the Harley's that will be in town for the 105th celebration. There will be some streets blocked off for block parties and I really don't want to deal with figuring out a new route. While I'm on the hair cut topic...how much is too much for an appointment? I love my hair cuts, I love Shell she's a friend and she does a great job but man...all together with the hair cut, hi-lites every other time and eye brow waxing I just feel like I'm spending far too much money on my hair. Anyone else ever switch just because it's gotten too expensive?


Sandra said...

When I want inspiration and ideas, I go to flickr.com and webshots.com (or I do an image search @ google) and type in a search like ... "fall quilt" ... you'll be amazed at what pictures you'll find! I don't think September 1 is too early for fall leaves - they'll be changing color very very soon!

T said...

Wow! What a roundup of things to ponder!

As to a wallhanging/doorhanging, consider September a good "harvest" month. Whether you do sheaves (?) of wheat, or a basket of veggies... maybe get all artsy with harvest moons? September is traditionally the month of GRAPE harvest... wine, anyone?

Over at Holiday Insights, I see that (among other things) September is "National Blueberry Popsicle Month", and there are all kinds of possibilities for specific days - the 2nd is National Beheading Day (?), the 5th is Cheese Pizza Day, the 9th is Teddy Bear Day... There are many, many more - you're sure to get inspired by one of them!

As for hair cuts? Oh, yes. We love our stylists, and we want them to be able to make enough $$ to live on, but MAN. Yes, it's expensive. Yes, I've switched in the past, then just grew my hair long enough to cut it myself. (Natural curl hides a multitude of [haircutting] sins) There is something to be said though for being pampered, having a chat with a friend, doing something just for you...

Suzan said...

I don't think it is too early for fall leaves though I do use sunflowers in my decor around this time of the year and then slowly add the leaves and pumpkins! Regarding hair cuts...I have really ordinary hair so I get it cut occasionally to get the dead ends off, color it monthly to keep the gray at bay and do my own highlights. I am so cheap I squeek when I walk!!

Carol VR said...

You could always opt for the cave man look...far cheaper I'd suppose.

Moneik said...

Hair is one of those things I can take or leave. My last cut only cost me $8, so I'm not much help in that department. I would say sunflowers would be a good choice for Sept. wall hanging.

kt said...

I'm digging the sunflowers idea for your september wall hanging. or you could do a google search for "fall flowers" and see if there are any that can be made into a fun wallhanging. as for the hair... I had it cut a year and a half ago (to donate to locks of love) and haven't done a thing to it since. :) I'm even getting grey (at 27) and don't color it. I'm just not a "I have the capability of getting up early to mess with my hair" kind of girl. I've always wanted it super short like yours, but it just looks weird (or I revert back to age 4) because there's no body. anyway... maybe you can make compromises... get the hair cut professionally but do the highlights at home. or just get one final color then ditch the highlights. however, there is something about being pampered. :) (sorry this turned into a dissertation!)