Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Boy Oh Boy!!

Wow, I'm not sure how I missed it but I did. My cousin Erin had her baby today; two weeks early. And yet, I thought Ethan was due in October!! OMG!! I only have one of the three quilts that I wanted to make finished. I know...three is over kill but I just fell in love with all of them. So he's getting one of the construction quilts, he's also getting this Paddington Bear Quilt and then hopefully a quilt with turtles on it...that one I just need to get settled on one of two patterns and my color scheme. The turtle one will go with his room which is blue and brown. Hopefully I can get the fabric for that one picked out on Friday night at Midnight Madness.

Ethan Richard is his name. Richard was Erin's dad's name and ironically Ethan was born one day before his Grandpa Richard's birthday. He'll always have a guardian angel looking over him.

I bought the fabric for this Paddington Bear quilt at Best Friends in Ohio when I was with Jill. They had a cute quilt worked up with pinwheels and I was totally planning on doing something similar. Well, I went to cut the panel apart tonight and found that the squares wern't square. For some reason this gave me a huge memory block. Why I just didn't think to cut them down an extra quarter inch I'm not sure. I thought my mom was coming over with her Baby quilt. She just needed to throw the borders on and then I was going to throw it on the frame. She never arrived so I just I watched TV most of the evening until about 9:30 when I decided just to do a nine patch and stop worrying about the odd sized blocks. The quilt top turned out a little light for my tastes but I'll put a bright binding on it and then all will be good with the world. I was going to use the blue number fabric for the border until I realized that piece of fabric was the perfect size for the backing of the quilt.



It was so cool. Now that my stash is organized it was really easy for me to pull colors out to work with this quilt. Of course I still need to re-fold the ones I disturbed but it's cool to be able to pull from my stash for once!! Hopefully tomorrow night after work I should be able to get it on the frame and quilted. With a little luck, bound too.

Of course now this pushes off the binding for the Snowflake Quilt. I think I'll utilize the fusible thread and just get it all ironed down. Maybe I should work on that Friday night? Maybe I should just machine sew the binding and be done with it after all. Sigh. I'll decide that tomorrow!!

I also have a Paddington fabric book to make. We'll see how quickly that goes together since I've never done one. I'll be able to use scrap batting for both projects and yet, that scrap batting bin won't even look like it's been touched. I think it would take nothing short of a miracle to empty that sucker!!

Welcome to the family little Ethan!! Love you lots and I haven't even met you yet. =) I'll get on the ball and get some baby quilts out to you very, very soon!!


Kelly said...

You did a great job on that quilt. I love the backing fabric. Have you ever made an eye spy quilt? I just love the one I made and Kasey has to lay it on the floor now to play with his toys. He likes to make sure all of it is laid out flat and even too. Can't wait to see your turtle quilt.

jillquilts said...

Very cute quilt!! He is going to love all of them, I am sure!

Moneik said...

Very cute! I love the backing and I'm sure he'll love all his quilts.

Candace said...

It is adorable.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

This one makes me wanna be a kid again! It's adorable...and not too light! It's so bright and cheerful. I love a happy quilt!

T said...

That is an adorable quilt! I love the fabrics, and you've turned it into a bright and fun quilt that any baby would delight in spitting up on! Lucky, lucky little boy!