Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Brewers Clinched the Wild Card Spot!!!

O M G!!!!! What an exciting game it was!! I cannot believe that they did it!! This is sooooo very exciting! I can't even tell you how excited I am. Last time they did this I was like 4 years old!! The game was FREAKING AWESOME! We beat the Cubs, the Mets lost. I was jumping around and screaming like a lunatic. The whole time Holly's looking at me like...make it stop. Make the yelling stop. She's not a fan of yelling during sporting events which is why I take her to my Mom's whenever the Packers are on TV.

Mom and I sewed at her house today so that Murphy wouldn't be home alone all day. He still isn't a big fan of my townhouse. He flips out even when he walks past our stairs...muchless actually go up them? Heck no!! But it was easy to travel because I have Audrey!! She's so light! But I have discovered that she's not a fan of going over thick seams. She'll do it but it's not straight. Let's see though, I was trying to go over a seam that was 10 thicknesses? Square in a square block connected to another square in a square block? Yeah..pretty thick at that center part and that's where she wasn't happy. No biggie, I just switched projects. I zipped that stuff together when I got home in no time. Elizabeth loves going through thick stuff.

Mom and I each made a Halloween apron for work out of a Charm Pack. It's pretty cute but there are a few changes that I will make for the next one. First of all, I won't put on binding, I will sew everything but the top edge and then turn it. Second, I think I would square off the top of the apron. I'm not so fond of the way it looks at the top when you're wearing it. Other than that, way fun and way cute!


I made a second paper pieced star for my sewing room valance. Now I'm starting to think that I'd like to hang these colors in my main sewing room instead of my Quilt Frame room. Then again; I'll probably love the next one that I make to. Too bad the windows aren't the same size. I need 5 blocks for one window and 6 blocks for the other.



It was time to pack up at Mom's house and go to mine for dinner. Afterwards we quilted on my frame. A wall hanging for my Grandma's door and one for my front door. This is the Moda; Pumpkins Gone Wild Panel.

Here's Grandma's:

Halloween Wallhanging for Grandma

Here's Mine quilted with Glow in the Dark Thread:


I managed to get it quilted, bound and hung! Here are some upclose shots of mine. I decided to deck it out in crystals. With it hanging on the front door you'll catch the glimmer as you walk by.






Well, that's that, my exciting Sunday in a nutshell!


Treasa said...

Wow, I love the wallhanging. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern? My grandkids would love this. Also like the crystal embellishments.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

The Queen of Prolific! I love both wall hangings. You rock, Jen!

Treasa said...

Duh..Just saw the name of the holloween panel. Now to check and see if my LQS has it. Thanks!

kt said...

hey congrats on the brewers! the sox are in too for the AL wild card. to be honest, I was watching the stats this weekend... and was totally pulling for them since I knew you were a fan. :)

but now, it's all sox. ;)

Bella said...

Great, great, great stuff Jen!

swooze said...

Wow you got so much done! Everything looks great.

Regina said...

Wonderful - love the "valance" blocks!! Those are awesome!

The Halloween decorations are great, too - love the "bling"

Suzan said...

Very snazzy little quilts! I love your paper pieced valance blocks. Any advice for "fraidy cat" paper piecers? (Do not make fun of me...I don't tease you about bias binding!)

Kristie said...

Your panels are so cute! I LOVE your star blocks! I really love this paper piecing stuff. I think I am going to do an applique quilt next. Have you checked out the patterns on She has some really nice applique patterns.

Diane said...

The panels are so cute! I love them. I think the apron came out adorable. Great idea to make it from squares.

Diane said...

The panels are so cute! I love them. I think the apron came out adorable. Great idea to make it from squares.

T said...

As I was scrolling down through this post, every time I came across a new picture I said, "Cool!" The apron, the paperpieced blocks, the wall-hangings - even the front door (where the hanging is PERfect) - they're all just, well... Cool.

Great job!

Moneik said...

Your apron is so adorable! I have to get one made for tie on on day. The wall hangings are adorable! Your blocks are coming along great and I love the colors.

Ivory Spring said...


I just found your blog. Your work is beautiful - the paper pieced blocks are absolutely STUNNING!

Gina said...

Love the wall hanging.

Seeing your PP blocks hanging like that have given me an idea for a wall hanging.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kylie said...

Hi Jen,
Would love to know where I can get the pattern for this. I'm in Australia, but my hubby and I have a bit of a passion for Halloween! I'm also an amateur quilter, so would love to give this one a try.

Carol VR said...

Glow in the dark thread??? I'd never heard of it before. Does it work????

jillquilts said...

LOVE IT!!! The Halloween wall hanging that is! I now *HAVE* to do mine this same way! Don't you feel special??? Your blocks and apron are pretty cool, too!