Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I need your help!

My cousin just had a baby boy and this is the bedding set that is in Ethan's room.

Being the dork that I am, I want to do something with a turtle. Or, maybe that's turtle over kill?? Anyway, turtles have been on my brain since I saw the nursery theme.

To begin with I was thinking a blue/brown quilt out of the Bella Baby Fabric.

Then I started thinking...I could do a Yellow Brick Road out of the Bella Baby and put a turtle on it.

Then I fell in love with this pattern by Lisa Boyer:

But...I didn't know if the turtles should be brown and blue or if I should totally break away from the brown/blue theme.

Then I saw the new issue of Quiltmaker which had a pattern for another line of adorable turtle fabrics that we have at the shop. I've been lusting over these fabrics too, long before I saw the pattern.

Do I do it in those fabrics? Do I bust out of the blue/brown mode? Am I going too turtle here?

See, there's just too many decisions here which is why the turtle baby quilt has yet to be made. I want it to be just perfect.



Regina said...

I posted my comment to the group - but will mention here that A) I wish that nursery set had been out when my son was born, B) I love the Lisa Boyer pattern too (thanks to you) and have been collecting "turtle backs" wherever I go, and C) I need to find myself a copy of this issue of Quiltmaker, because that quilt is adorable!

I am sure whatever you choose to do will be AWESOME!

kt said...

ok... here's my two cents:
first, do the quilt from quiltmaker and definitely in those fabrics. most likely, the quilt will travel with him or be used in another room or outside, so color scheme won't be as important as the theme (I think).
second, the lisa boyer pattern has an additional wallhanging pattern included. I say make that in the colors of the room, but leave one block open to put birth announcement info. I think that would be super cute for his room.

let us know what you decide! I love turtles myself, so these patterns are even more cute for me!

Moneik said...

I think all your ideas are great, but I love the quiltmaker one the best.

Trish said...

I love the Quiltmaker pattern and I think it would look great in the Bella Baby Fabric.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I vote for option number .... 2!
I like those fabrics and I love the single turtle. Here's the flip side, either one will be awesome and the child will grow up loving it and dragging it all over.
Regina (one i)

Jennifer said...

I really like the Quiltmaker pattern for a baby quilt. The other one is great too, but doesn't say "baby" as much to me. I am sure that the parents and baby will love whichever one you make!

BJ said...

Since there are about 15 turtles that I can see in this small picture, I vote no more turtles. I would do a primarily white/cream quilt with bits of blue and brown. In a few months, she will be wishing for no more wildlife!

Candace said...

I like the Quiltmaker pattern best, but I would make it with fabrics that coordinate with the blue in his room (just change the blue shade), and I would skip the flowers and use something in that color scheme (greens and yellows) with something a bit more boyish. Just my opinion, and I usually come up with something weird.

T said...

Ethan needs a quilt-to-go, so it's okay if it's not in the colors of his bedroom ensemble. The Quiltmaker quilt is the one that does it for me.

(Phew! caught up on comments, now - carry on!)

Shar said...

I like the QuiltMaker one it's cute and bright.

swooze said...

I like the second for the front and the third for the back! The first looks too comercial to me.