Monday, September 15, 2008

Madison Quilt Show - Part 3


Like I said, I'm not sure where my cash went! Maybe by uploading some pictures I can figure it out because it sure doesn't look like much.

I had to have this pattern to give to Jill. It just looks soooo much like her Maisy. I'm always bummed because I will probably never get to make a look alike quilt of one of my beasts since they are all mixed breeds. So I have to pass the love onto others!



I picked up this kit because I already had the pattern for a year and have never taken the time to buy fabric for it. Maureen and I figured it out and by adding a six 1/8 yard cuts for added variety we can both make the wallhanging out of this kit.


I bought the Victory Quilt Kit. I think we're going to do this as our own little group block of the month. There's 20 blocks but Eleanor has them set up into different skills so it will be easy enough to break the quilt down into about 12 sessions without anyone feeling overwhelmed with the quilt as we all are right now with the Saturday group we're in. We might start to work on a few different Eleanor Burns patterns as well. We're tossing around the Underground Rail Road Quilt, Magic Vine and the Egg Money quilt which Mom and I started last year on and didn't get further than two blocks.


I've always wanted to make a Radiant Star. I think I'll make a wallhanging for one of the stair wells in our home. I'm thinking of doing it in batiks. The book was half price so that's even better!!


Ohhhh, Notions! I LOVE Gadgets!! They don't look like much but they added up quick. I guess I'm starting to see where my cash went. Giggle. It's all becoming so much clearer. =)


Maureen bought me these fabulous note cards from the American Heart Association booth. Aren't they great?


Of course, I had to get something from the Quilted in Clay booth. I can never pass without buying SOMETHING.


I thought this would be really funny for one of my quilting studios. I'll have to get some fabric markers to color it in.


You know, I have quite a few little wall hangings to make up for my rooms. I really should get on those...yeah when I can find the time!! People need to STOP having babies so that I can go back to working on other quilts!!

Ok, I guess we need another part to this quilt show experience. This post has gotten a tad on the long side!!


Regina said...

Looks like a great shopping day! I love that pattern for Jill - too cute! And the Victory Quilt book looks like something I need to check out.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I'll have to start gathering my fabric for the Victory Quilt. I used my little screw driver yesterday and wow everyone needs one like that. It's wonderful to use. Plus of course I oiled my machine.

Moneik said...

Wow! You got a lot of shopping done! I LOVE my little screw driver like that! I use it ALL the time. It is so much easier to use. The pattern is so cute. I took down the name and will try to find it for my aunt. She has the same type of dog named Rosie. We can't keep the victory quilts book on the shelf.

jillquilts said...

I really like those earrings! Very cool! And the Therapy in session is too cute - but why didn't they just fill in the colors??

bingo~bonnie said...

you are so funny with your hoping people woudl stop having babies! LOL :P I love that Therapy In Session and first saw it the year I moved to TX and went to a quilt show with my frined who was visiting me from GA... and the booth only had their last kit... and I let her buy it :( I still haven't forgotten about it and have searched a few times... they are hard to find! I can't wait to see how yours finishes! It will be perfect for your sewing room!!! :) ~bonnie