Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quilting 'Bucket List'

Some people have bucket lists for their lives. I've never really put one together but years back owning a 35mm Manual SLR camera and to learn to use it was on my list. I got one, took classes, etc. When we left the store that day I said, "I can die happy now." My husband looked at me with this priceless look of horror that I will never forget. I guess that was the first time he heard me utter that phrase or something. Snicker.

I've taken to saying, "Sometime before I die I'd like to make XYZ style of quilt." Without realizing it, I guess I've come up with a quilt related Bucket List.

  1. New York Beauty
  2. Cathedral Windows
  3. Lone Star
  4. A Large Sampler quilt such as Civil War Love Letters, Civil War Diary or Dear Jane. Just to say I've done it.
  5. A Quilt out of the Bella Bella Book
  6. Storm at Sea
  7. Ocean Waves
  8. A Judy Niemeyer Quilt
Of course, now that I want to make the list I can't think of them! I think I'll just keep coming back and adding to the list as I think of them.

What's on your list?


Kristie said...

Giggle! I know what you mean about someday. I told mom a while back that I wanted to venture off on some differnt things. The funny thing is our lists are similar!!! I have the New York Beauty printed off, just waiting to get to it. Cathedral Windows, I have already started, I have done a Lone Star, that is lap size. I have a Storm At Sea Wallhanging that I started, but haven't finished yet. The Civil War Diary and Love Letter, and the Dear Jane....well, I got a little stupid and started all three of those!!!!

Trish said...

Mariner's Compass
New York Beauty
Baltimore Album Quilt
Heck, I'd probably settle for just one....

Moneik said...

Double Wedding Ring is at the top of my list, but Storm at Sea and Mariners Compass are both a close second.
I have a few things like hawaiian applique, needle turn applique, pantos, feathers, more techniques that I would like to learn.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Every quilt I see ends up on my list. And...I see a lot of quilts here on YOUR blog! The only quilt that doesn't appeal to me is the Dear Jane. I don't know why, but just not me. Kristie is rockin' on hers!

Connie said...

For me:
--Storm at Sea
--an actual honest to goodness charm quilt
--Mariner's Compass
--a feathered World without End
--a truly spectacular applique quilt of my own design with all kinds of cool motifs on it. Sigh.
A quilter can dream, can't she?

TLC said...

Fun to read your list! I have a few of the same. Cathedral windows was one until I made one for the DQS4. I would like to make another one for me to keep. I am currently working on a Dear Jane with my sis, that was on my list for a while too. I would also like to make a New York Beauty, Wedding Ring, Lone Star, and a quilt with lots of curved piecing.

KyQuiltlady said...

Single Wedding Ring
Love Letter Blocks
Baltimore Album (Pam Bono)started
Grandmother's Flower Garden Basket
Tennessee Waltz
Paper pieced Stars
Six Pointed American Star Quilt
Blue Jean Rag Quilt
Funny thing is I am gradually collecting fabric for these and got a lot already started. I would appreciate cards when in rehab.

Babs Schmidt said...

My list-

Storm at Sea
Underground Railroad Sampler
Scrappy Log Cabin

Zegi said...

Hmm, that's a good idea! I will definitely have to think about what would be on my list...for sure a double wedding ring, a tree of life, a hand-quilted whole cloth quilt of my own design...oh my, there are so many to put on the list!