Monday, September 1, 2008

Shower Curtain and Sunburn

Would you believe I got my first sunburn of the year on September 1st? Am I a die hard quilter or what? Giggle. No it's more like I have tons of allergies and inside is the best place for me to be.

Mike and I took in a Brewers game today and we sat at a table behind the bleachers. It was better than sitting in our seats because it was hot out and our seats would have had no air movement. Instead we enjoyed a fantastic breeze. Of course, you also don't realize the sunburn that you are getting. Sigh. We never said I was smart. Giggle. So my arms and one side of my face and the back of my legs. Whatevah. Despite the large amount of liquids we consumed I felt very dehydrated. Holly didn't even get to go to the Doggie Dip this year. =( I came home and took a nap and then drank a giant bottle of Gatorade. Can you say heat exhaustion?

Before we went to the game I did quite a bit of quilting on the Shower Curtain. I only had another pass or two until it was done so after dinner I did just that. Then I practiced button holes. I can never get two alike. It's nothing to do with the machine; I know it's user error. Since I don't make that many of them, it's not like I get a lot of practice in. So, I read the directions, and did about 10 practice holes. Then I took the fabric liner that I'm going to use and went to measure in two different areas to see how far apart it's buttonholes were. Yeah...they're not all the same distance!! In the end I pinned the shower curtain to it and then marked where my button holes needed to be. Out of the 12 I needed to make, only one got screwed up and ended up shorter than the rest. That's ok...I can handle that. It's better than my previous attempts!!

I got the binding on too! Since there was no batting involved I cut the binding at 1.75" and that worked out well. By this point it was 10:15PM and you all know me...I needed it hanging and hanging NOW. So I ran to Walmart. Mike thought I was nuts. No wait...he knows I'm nuts. Anyway, he said they'd be closed; I opted to take the chance. I know they're normally open until 11pm so it just hinged on the fact that it was a holiday and guess what? They were open!

I bought a new curtain rod and some fabulous metal hooks. I walked in the door and Mike pretty much hung the rod and went to bed. I of course stood there a while just checking out my curtain. I also took the time to use command strips and hang my razor holder in the shower and a hook for my shower puff. I bought a towel holder that I suction cupped to the mirror so we can actually hang our hand towel. Hey, I'm not a fan of all these suction cups (I've also got a little basket on the mirror) but when you have a mirror that is the whole length of the bathroom wall you've got to do something. Next I'll be looking for a cabinet to go over the toilet. A little wall hanging of some sort and the room will be finished. Right now though, I'm happy with the little transformation I made.





OH, and it's not hanging crooked, we actually did bust out the level. But wow...according to the really doesn't appear to be!!

Now that I've done a shower curtain, it sort of makes me want to make a few more. It would be a fun way to decorate for different holidays. Or...if I become over run with quilts and need a new outlet for my craft. LOL. would make a great gift if you really knew the persons taste. A curtain, a few towels to match, instant bathroom re-do. When I started this project I searched for a pattern that wasn't too seam heavy. I thought this fit the bill quite well. Another idea would be to use one of the "Big Block" patterns that are in-style right now.

In the end, my shower curtain measures 72 x 72. My liner measures 70 x 72. I just moved the two button holes on the edges out an extra inch and all is good with the world. I didn't put batting in. It's just a backing and the top because I didn't want to trap any moisture. It's not the main curtain, there is a fabric liner on the inside of the tub but I figured with all the humidity that the bathroom gets, I didn't need to make something that was going to trap moisture.


jillquilts said...

Oh, that looks amazing!! I can't believe Mike didn't want to bask in the wonderful new bathroom decor! He's a turd! :)

Jen said...

Hey, I didn't say he didn't check it out! In fact, he said he liked it. He just didn't hang out and stare like I did!

Moneik said...

I LOVE IT! It looks really awesome and I so love that pattern and the fabrics. It looks great there and I think changing for different seasons is a neat idea. Paul wouldn't have hung around either! Our Wally is open 24 hours... but Paul would have went to bed and I would have done it myself or waited till morning.

Infinity Quilter said...

Your shower curtain turned out really cool!

Shar said...

You did a fantastic job your shower curtain it looks great!

Linda said...

Great job! That is beautiful! Love the colors!

T said...

Wow - great shower curtain! I love the colors, the pattern is great. It really is an "instant" redecorate, isn't it? Good job, and keep us posted on your NEXT shower curtain... :-)

Maureen said...

That is a great shower curtain! It is beautiful...maybe one day I will make one for myself...I know you are ROTFLYAO....I could...Okay anyways I can't wait to see the next ten you will complete before I probably complete one! LOL!

2ne said...

I love your shower curtain, it do looks wery nice :-)See you comming from Wisconsin, 4 years since I wisited that place.