Thursday, September 11, 2008

W Crew Night

Tonight Jen & Chelsy of the W Crew came over to sew.

Jen worked on her 4 patch posy...which she says has now taken her so long she feels the need to have an unveiling party! It is a pretty darn in-depth quilt. I think I'm glad I didn't jump into that class with her. By now I'd be ready to just sew the blocks together and call it done. Nope, she's going to lay it out and see what should go where. I give her a LOT of credit because by now I'd be soooo ready to be done with the quilt!!

Chelsy worked on the last few blocks for a quilt she's putting together to go in her dorm. She cut her borders and her binding so that it will be ready to go once she gets her blocks together. Chelsy didn't bring her machine along because it was still at home so she was going to use my little Janome Jem. Well..that is one picky machine. Since I know it's quirks I traded and she used my 6600...of course she fell in love. Giggle. It's hard not to with that machine. I was again reminded on how much I don't enjoy sewing on the Jem anymore. It's time for a new class sized machine. I can't keep taking my 6600 in it's 26 pounds plus the weight of the rolling tote, everywhere I go. My back has started to scream NOOOOOO.

I got the binding put on Baby Ava's quilt. It's now ready to go.



Then I moved onto one of the blocks for the valance in my Quilt Frame room. I don't think I should have used such a dark background. But, I'm sure once it's done and with the others it will be just fine.


Jen was giving me a hard time about all the little pieces and how long it was going to take. HA! It's not like it's anymore time consuming than your 4 Patch Posy!!

We had a great time, we'll have to get our next W Crew Night scheduled sometime soon.

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kt said...

I have been thinking about a new machine for classes (not that I take *that* many). I looked into the janome magnolia... it's only about $130 here in CT, which isn't that bad. very minimal, which may be all you need for classes. just food for thought! and you're sticking with janome...