Thursday, September 18, 2008

W Night

Tonight was W Night which means Chelsy and Jen came over to sew. Jen finished her Jellyin around blocks that she's making out of the Stawberry Lemonade fabric line for her niece and Chelsy was making a few more blocks for her dorm quilt. It's a good thing the Quiltie Ladies made her a quilt for her Graduation Present or she'd be pretty cold by now at school! Hopefully she'll be ready to assemble the quilt top very soon.

I really need to take some pictures of our quilting night next time.

I started assembling the baby quilt tops for two sets of blocks that I have finished. The first one came from the Chutes and Ladders Jelly Roll I bought over a year ago. The blocks have been finished for months and months, they just don't thrill me AT ALL. I'm breaking it out into two baby quilts. Even after getting the first top together I'm still not thrilled with it. I think I'm going to do a narrow brown border just to tie the brown together and then put a light pink fabric on the border and probably bind it in the same fabric. It still doensn't say "baby" to me but I think the quilt will do just fine in a pinch. I still have one more of this type to assemble but in the mean time, here's the Baby Girl Eclipse.


The second top that I got assembled is also a "girl" version. This is the Jellyin Around pattern. It's made from one Jelly Roll and one Charm Pack. Since I have 40 blocks I'm breaking it out into 2 quilts. I separated the blocks that had pink in them out into this one. I like this quilt much better than the Eclipse one. With the Eclipse, it's not even the pattern that's the problem, it's the fabrics.


Hopefully tomorrow night I can get both of the boy quilts together. With any luck I can get quite a few baby quilts quilted this weekend. It would be nice to get them crossed off my list!!!

All in all it was a very good evening. We'll be skipping next Thursday because I need to get my hair cut. I've cancelled my last two appointments so it REALLLLLLY needs it.

I wanted to post about my quilt frame last weekend but since I was sick I forgot about it. I've had my quilt frame for a year already. I can't believe how far I've come in a year. I've learned soooooo much. In 1 year I've quilted 56 quilt tops on it. I can't believe it added up to so many. 44 quilts were quilted using my Janome 6600P and a speed controller and 12 have already been done on my Babylock Quilters Choice pro with Grace Sure stitch and I've only had that machine for a little over a month. I guess that means we've clicked quite well!!

Shortly after getting my quilt frame I decided to start a spreadsheet to track the types of thread, batting, and needles that I was using along with the quilt size, number of bobbins used, type of quilting and any problems that may have come up. This spreadsheet has become a very valuable resource for me. I may not understand at that moment what caused the problems that I may have had but if it pops up again in the future I can take a look at the troubleshooting that I've already tried to work towards a solution.


RobinE said...

That spreadsheet is great. Such a good idea!

Kristie said...

I think the quilt looks cute! You always stay so busy!!! I like the idea of your spreadsheet! Giggle...I read about my quilt. I'm so sorry that you had so much trouble with it. Do you think it was the sheet and the monofiliment thread used together??

KyQuiltlady said...

I like the idea of the spreadsheet and wish I had started one when I got my machine. I like the Jellyin Around pattern, looks easy and would go together fast after it is cut out. I am glad you are feeling well enough to quilt.

Suzan said...

Whew, Jen - you and your bad self with the trouble shooting spreadsheet! Excellent idea!!

Amber said...

Those are lovely quilts and I really like quilts that don't say "baby" and stray from the traditional pastels.

Infinity Quilter said...

Wow, 50 quilts in one year!?!? That's great! I like your spreadsheet idea.

Linda said...

Your Baby Girl Eclipse is beautiful! Love the use of colors/fabric! It looks great with the pattern! It may not scream baby to you, but I bet you it will be cherished!!
Your Jellyin Around is too cute! Love the fabrics!
Great job!