Sunday, October 5, 2008

For the Love of Sewing... (Retreat Tips 21-30)

Tip # 21 – Seam Ripper, Scissors, Rotary Blade – For the love of sewing…bring extra of these… incase you misplace yours. Wear a small scissors around your neck on a lanyard; bring a brand new rotary blade and a new seam ripper. These are things you’re going to wish you had if yours goes missing or gets a nick or dulls. There isn’t always a store near by.

Tip #22 – You Stink! Quilt Retreat is not the time to try out your new perfume. Even though it may not be a strong scent, it could be something that triggers a migraine or asthma attack for someone else. I know you may feel put out for being asked not to but imagine how your neighbor might feel once she’s all set up and needs to find someone to switch with.

Tip #23 – Snacks. You know if you’re a snacker!! Bring a few treats to share, you just may make a new friend that way. Do you want something particular to drink? Bring some bottled water, soda, etc.

Tip # 24 – Showering. Do I need to bring my own towels or will they be provided?

Tip #25 – Do you need to baste a quilt? Find out if there will be space to do so. You might even find some additional hands to make your work go faster.

Tip #26 – Don’t be a complainer. Really, having a good weekend IS up to you. You’ve got to go with the flow and grin and bear it. If you want something changed; offer to be in charge of that aspect the following year. If you didn’t like something send a nice email afterwards and describe how you would go about changing that aspect the next year. Don’t just state the problems, give some solutions.

Tip #27 – Remember, while those who planned the retreat do want you to have a good time and will likely go out of their way for you, remember that they too are there to sew and enjoy themselves.

Tip #28 – If your not sure when you may arrive at the retreat ask ahead of time. If there’s a chance that you may be early, ask first if that’s ok. Better yet, offer to help set up. Ask where they can use you. There’s a start time for a reason. Don’t be put out if you’re early. Are there any local shops? Be prepared and get a group together to go visit them.

Tip #29 – I’ve got this group of friends…and we want to sit together. Many times, depending on how many people are coming to the retreat coupled with how the room might be best set up putting a group together just isn’t possible. Be prepared to roll with it. If you really do want to sit with your buds and only your buds, contact the retreat coordinator ahead of time. You can always offer to come and help set up as a trade off. Don’t expect to sit with your group if no one is there to claim your spots. If you don’t get to sit with your friends, don’t fret because there will be lots of time to socialize with them. You can never have enough friends…put on a brave face and meet someone new.

Tip #30 - Don’t be a pain in the a$$ to those around you. If you’re crabby, you know you’re crabby. Don’t take that out on others. If you need to decompress, go sit in a quiet area, take a walk, lie down.


jillquilts said...

As a retreat coordinator, I'm very happy that you are including some tips to help the coordinators out! Although, being there to help set up last year, I'm sure that you remember all of the 'helpful criticism' that I received from 'friends' *wink* last year!

Regina said...

These are awesome tips - and apply to not just this type of event. My institute/retreat that I just did asked SPECIFICALLY on the application about dietary restrictions, and we found out AFTER we got there that we had 3 vegetarians, and they were not nice about!?!? They were even critical on the follow up evals about lack of choices for them.

Can't wait!!! Do you have the blinged out scepters ready yet???

Cre8tive Crys said...

Thanks for the tips. I really enjoy your blog.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Great tips, Jen! Thanks! You came up with lots of stuff, I'd never have thought of!