Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fresh Squeezed BQ2

Huh, it kind of sounds like an energy drink! The quilt top has turned out pretty nicely. It doesn't get a borders so I think that once it's quilted I will bind it in orange to make it pop. For the backing I'm using the focus fabric - I have some in white and some in yellow. Apart I didn't have enough of either one. Together I did. To solve my problem I cut it apart and sewed it back together as a 4 patch. I now have a quilt back that doesn't look like I just ran out of fabric. It looks like it should be like that.


I sort of thought the blocks were supposed to make a pattern; but they really don't. It was a fun quilt to put together and I think there are lots of great ways to use this pattern in the future. The blocks are very easily re-sized.

I was exhausted today. After the 3am sewing spree I just couldn't get moving. I met Jen V for breakfast at IHOP, then stopped at her Mom's house for a Hosta to plant in front of my home. We headed over to the shop to cut for a new quilt that the shop is doing and took items home to start sewing them up.

I came home from all that and took a nap...a really long nap. Oh well...I'll get things marked off of my list eventually!!!


Moneik said...

Looks like the more you play with the blocks, the different patterns it could form. Looks great!

Infinity Quilter said...

That is really cute. I just got that pattern about a month ago but haven't used it yet. Good luck getting all your "to do" list items done.

Kristie said...

Love the quilt!!! Very cute! I think I would need a nap too, after all of that sewing!!!