Saturday, October 18, 2008

J3's Awesome Quilting Adventure - Saturday Part 1

(J3 = Jill, Jen V & Me)

We started off the day with a trip through the McDonald's drive-thru for sustenance and then headed over to pick up Jen.

We were driving Mike's truck since he had On-Star. We could use turn by turn navigation if we got lost. The use of his truck came with a lot of rules. We could drink, but not eat. We couldn't do this, that or the other thing. It was pretty funny to listen to.

We picked up Jen and low and behold...she came with a bag of snacks and a cooler of beverages. Giggle.


Our first stop was Stitcher's Crossing in Madison. The store is listed as one of the top 20 in the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Regarding the top 20, can I just say I don't get it? It's a very pretty store; don't get me wrong. It's nicely organized and nicely laid out. It obviously took a lot of money to make it that nice. While that have a nice fabric selection, it's not a very large selection compared to my local quilt shop.

Here's Jill standing next to a rack that I thought was a cool way to store fat quarters.


They had this adorable Smore on display so Jen and I took it's picture for Julie.


Our first turtle shot was taken with Beatles fabric. While the Beatles just aren't my thing, it's very cool fabric for those that are fans.



By now you're thinking, what's up with this turtle??? We made the turtle to represent some of our POQ friends that weren't able to join us on our journey.

  • Regina one i - She became Regina one i when her yahoo profile was showing up with two i's in Regina.

  • Regina A - LOVES turtles

  • Moneik - LOVES purple

Out of that description I found a turtle in clip art and then molded him just the way I wanted him...a one EYED purple turtle.

As a rule I only purchase fabric in other places that I can't get at my local shop. I picked up a border print that I wanted but the LQS had run out of, an older Wizard of Oz print and a black and white print that has the end cap spool labels from threads and ribbon.

SN852135 SN852139 SN852140

I do have a bit of grumbling to do about this shop. We stood around and waited for about 5 minutes before someone noticed that we were ready to have fabric cut. It wasn't that their cutting tables had lines, it wasn't that the employees were off helping other shoppers. It just seemed they weren't in a hurry to help us. When an employee finally came over to cut for us, she cut Jen's fabric and then started on mine. Half way through my fabric she 'asked' (more like I'm telling you this is what I'm going to do type tone) if she could stop cutting for me to cut a yard of fabric for a regular customer. WHAT? It's not like the three of us had a LOT of fabric or anything. Don't you want people who aren't regulars to come BACK to your store in the future?? Jen and Jill told me I should have just told her NO. But, I realized that once she finished cutting my order that she would cut for the regular anyway before moving onto Jill's fabric.

Even though it was a nice shop to browse through I don't think I'll be going back anytime in the near future because in my mind it's NOT a "Top 20 Shop" and that's really not reflective on their shop; moreso of their service.


Moneik said...

Love the Purple turtle! Can't wait to see more of it around. The cart for fat quarters is interesting. We fold ours that way (or it looks like it), but ours are on shelves. I found just because a shop is listed in the top 10 or 20 doesn't mean it's wonderful. We went to a top 10 and neither of us liked it and we drove 40 miles out of the way to go to it. I can't believe they would want to cut a "regular" customer before a new customer.

Regina said...

um - regular or not - your money spends the same...

Love the turtle shot -but lets not bring our turtle back there again, shall we!

Diane said...

I am with you. You are spending money in her shop and she was a fool to treat you like a second hand citizen! I wonder if she realized her mistake afterward?

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yipppeeeee....I'm REPRESENTED! It's just like being there in person.....NOT! Giggle! Glad "we" all had fun.
One i

Carol VR said...

Question: Did you leave any evidence in the truck???

crumbs...spill marks, etc....