Saturday, October 18, 2008

J3's Awesome Quilting Adventure - Saturday Part 2

Our second stop was at Mill House Quilts in Waunakee. The only Waunakee in the world that is...



We saw a few funny things at Millhouse.


Really? Really they don't? I beg to differ!!

The purple turtle thought this next item was too funny not to share.


Thanks to Jen's keen eye I was able to buy the Chutes & Ladders fabrics that I needed to finish 2 baby quilts. I have enough for borders, bindings and backings.


I was surprised to see that they still had the purple batik that I purchased a cut of last year. I just LOVE it so I bought a bit more.


We moved on to JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie. Couldn't get a picture of the front because we would have had to stand in the middle of the street. The turtle (aka Jill) did find something funny inside TO take a picture of.


I went for the more mild turtle shot.


Now, the last time I was at JJ Stitches there was a pattern that I really liked. It was one of their shop patterns but they couldn't sell it to me because they didn't have an extra copy in the shop. I could have ordered it online but I thought, why pay shipping when I'm HERE?? Fast forward to the present. I ask about the pattern the clerk has NO IDEA what I'm talking about. I describe it, still no. But says, if it really is one of their patterns I can just order it online. Hello?? I don't want to pay shipping for something I am buying semi local. Do you want my money or not? I was beginning to feel that I was insane; asking for a pattern that no one seems to know what I'm talking about. I did find a picture of it on their website. It's called Indigo Snowballs. It's basically a nine patch on point but the patches have little snow ball corners. If I order online it's $8.00 for the pattern and from their web site: "Shipping to the United States is done with Priority Mail from USPS. Minimum shipping charges are $3.50." Yeah...I don't want to pay a minimum of $3.50 when I was in the shop to buy it...TWICE. I'll make up my own pattern.

I picked up one pretty piece of fabric. Not sure what I'll do with it but it'll get used someday.


From there we walked next door to a Quilting/Cross Stitching/Yarn shop. I don't even remember its name. We spent all of 3 minutes inside because there was this creepy guy lurking about.

Our next stop was the Crocs store but it was a bust. No cool crocs went home with us.


We decided we needed to stop in the bathroom at the JCOM. There was this little girl who had her hands doing strange things in front of the hand dryer. We all waited till we passed her and then burst out laughing. Five minutes later 2 of the 3 of us were doing the same thing. Jill and I are now kicking ourselves for not taking video of our hands. The blower was so forceful that it would push your skin to the sides. It was hilarious.

We were then on to Ben Franklin in Ocnomowoc where our turtle found a friend.


We had to work really hard to get some of that turtle fabric cut for us. When we first got to Ben Franklin there were about 4 workers in the fabric section. Within 5 minutes they were all MIA. We finally found someone only to be told that she was customer service and could not help us. Um, what exactly then is customer service? Jill wanted to riot but Jen gave her a cupcake to cheer her up. See, it was International Cupcake Day. cupcakes were eaten inside the truck.

We needed some cheering up because we didn't want to end our hop on a sour note so we ran to Patched Works to just look around and chat. It had been a long day for them so we decided to wait to do our buying until the next day.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Mike was home and let Max and Maisy out. They got out of their collars one at a time and took off on him. He had to go running after and had neighbor kids helping out too. He's decided that they are Ninja's with 4 inch high legs and they are most certainly out to get him.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

He really liked those little ninjas. Maybe he needs a small dog too and Holly thought they were pretty cool and we were afraid she was going to be snotty and have to spend the weekend at my house but she loved her house guests.

Suzan said...

OMG! I have GOT to get that sign!!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Great day, but I didn't get a cupcake. Customer Service? Sad! I don't think a lot of people even know what customer service is. Did she at least try to find you the correct person?
I'm still jealous!

Regina said...

oohh- -turtle fabric.. ooohh

jillquilts said...

Waun a Bowl??? *Giggle!!!* I love it!!! No cupcake pics. Dang!!!

Moneik said...

Love the towel! That's awesome and even Paul thought it was cool. I'm with you I love the purple batik. I think we used to have some of it too. The sign is great!