Monday, October 20, 2008

Jen & Jill's Monday Madness

Eh, so I tried to come up with a fun title and failed. What evah.

First thing in the morning I called the Vet. Holly had been licking herself incessantly and piddling. It wasn't a spiteful thing. It wasn't even stand there and pee. She'd get up off the floor/couch/bed, wherever she was and there'd be a puddle. Since she has had a lot of bladder infections in the past I thought that was what it was. I was able to get her in at 9. Turns out it's not a bladder infection she's just getting older and suffering from incontinence. My poor girl. =( The Vet said we have two different pills that we can try. The first one to try is polyblahblahblah and it works neurologically. So we've got her on that and if we see a difference in the next week we'll keep her on it. If not, we'll explore the other option. In the mean time I'm sleeping downstairs with her so that she doesn't ruin our mattress. We've got quilts all over the couch and will just keep washing them and then will clean the couch with a steamer. It's on its way out shortly so if something gets ruined; I'd rather it be the couch. I'm more concerned with my dear Holly.

We met Sherry at Frank's Sewing Center and then wandered over to the Steaming Mug for lunch. Jill was amazed at all the thread at Frank's even though his stock is oddly low. We both left with a few pretty spools.

Once back at the Quilt Studio on the lower East Side (aka Kitchen) we got to work. Lots to do!!

I cut out all of the pieces for my Courier Bag and we tried to decide how much should be put into each lesson of the class Jill is going to teach.




The kids ate dinner on the landing of the staircase so that they wouldn't be bothered by Holly.


She looks pissed!!


My husband is going to kill me but I think this is the CUTEST picture EVER!! I think I need to print it out.


Do you see the little hint of Max by Mike's Left Elbow?

Then Mom fell asleep while Max was snuggled into her sweatshirt


I started working on my courier bag. It takes a lot of time to quilt but nothing said I needed to get it done in one day (precisely why lessons will be posted every two weeks).

Here's my cover:



Here's four of my other bag pieces quilted.


Jill and I in our Jammie Pants.


Maxie has Rabbit Ears!!


It was getting late but I still wanted to work on something. Afterall...I was FINALLY in the groove to sew. Last full day, figures right?? I decided to make some of the Thangles blocks that Jill brought me patterns for. I chose 4, printed out all my triangle paper and got the triangles sewn. I was purely exhausted so I went to bed, leaving them unfinished.


Moneik said...

Mike looks so darn cute there on the couch with the dogs. I think it's a printable picture. You are so far along on the courier bag! You'll have yours done before I get started.

jillquilts said...

Great pics! We rock!!! And what adorable little ninjas!! *giggle*

Jennifer said...

Love your fabric for the courier bag...can't wait to see how it looks when it is all done...I still need to pick out fabric for mine.

My old dog had the same problem and they told us that it was the result of being spayed too she went on hormones (no, I am not kidding - doggie hormones). She took one a week for the rest of her life and her piddling problem was over. Hope that the current pill works, because, boy is that a pain to deal with!

Carol VR said...

Perhaps, you won't need to sleep on the couch after all. Mike looks quite content... pillow and all.