Tuesday, October 14, 2008

JJJ's Awesome Quilty Adventure

Tonight while planning the JJJ Awesome Quilty Adventure I discovered a new online tool. AAA has an online TripTik program. I plugged in all of the addresses of the shops that we were thinking of hitting. I saw how long of a trip is was with the amount of time we have on Saturday and realized I needed to make a few cuts. The cuts were pretty easy because I made a few calls to make sure they were still in business and that meant I could toss out two right off the bat. Then I zoomed in on the map feature and checked out where there was road construction. Using the drag and drop feature I re-ordered my stops so that we can completely avoid construction in Madison. This also helped bring down the estimated drive time. We're hitting the local shops last; if we don't hit them on Saturday they are all open on Sunday.

We've decided to skip block of the month at Bits and Pieces on Saturday morning. We'll start off around 8:30. I haven't gotten any emails from anyone wanting to join so hopefully if someone was, they're not hoping to catch up with us at B&P. We'll either hit B&P later in the day or on Sunday.

Here's the Plan (1-6 on Saturday, 7&8 on Sunday, 9&10 on Monday):

  1. Stitcher's Crossing in Madison
  2. Mill House Quilts in Waunakee
  3. JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie
  4. Crocs Outlet Store in Johnson Creek
  5. Ben Franklin in Ocnomowoc
  6. Bigsby's Sewing Center in Milwaukee
  7. Patched Works in Elm Grove
  8. Bits & Pieces in Waukesha
  9. Frank's Sewing Center in Waukesha
  10. Pamella's Place in Genesse Depot

Mike worked on the kitchen floor tonight. I think the oxy clean took off any finish that may have been on said floor. YET, it still doesn't look clean. It sure smells clean though!! We'll go with that. I'm waving the white flag on this topic for the moment.

Then, Mike helped me hang (Ok, more like I watched and handed him things and he did the hanging) some things throughout the house.


I really liked my spool holder until I put spools of thread on it. I thought it would hold my Hemmingworth thread only the bases all knock into each other and get stuck and then you're getting 3 spools at once. I tried my Star Brand Spools and that didn't work so well either. I've now ended up with my Bottom Line and Aurifil on the holder. The bummer is that I already had a home for my Bottom Line thread.


My Moda U PostCard Quilt is hanging in the stairwell that goes to the basement. It's nice because you see it as you walk through the hallway. It's soooo much better than looking at a blank white wall.


We hung a quilt rack in the kitchen above the microwave cart. I use the term 'cart' loosely. It's a TV stand that's being used until we find a proper cart that we both like. The quilt hanging is a Double Wedding Ring that my Mom made for us as a Wedding Gift...SEVEN years ago.


Calendar is also in the kitchen. It's been out of commission for so long that nothing is written on it.

And then it was time to mess with the dog a bit. I caught her snoozing.



I also got a cute 10 second video of her making herself comfortable. I couldn't get it to work on my blog so just follow the

SN852080'>link. It's beyond cute!!


Of course, after all this excitement I just couldn't go to sleep. I had to unwind with a little quilting. I made 4 Moda-U blocks out of Butterfly Fling.

Moda U Blocks 1&2


jillquilts said...

Oh very cool!!! I can't wait!!! Only 2 more sleeps and then I leave! I hope that one of those sleeps is a good one cuz the last 2 haven't been anything to write home about. :(

April Ellis said...

Hi, I'm just stopping by to say that I have given you a blog award cause I'm a secret lurker and I love your blog. X April

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

It's looking great! Only two days til you two are unleashed on Wisconsin. Someone should alert the media. Don't forget to take the one eye'd purple turtle along. Did we name him yet?

Moneik said...

You are both going to have a great time! We can't wait to hear all the details. Your decorating looks great. I need to get a few more things hung up on my walls. Do you have any small Mettler threads? They might work really well on your spool holder.

Infinity Quilter said...

Sounds like you gals are gonna have a blast. Wish I could join you (and get to meet you), but I swore I wouldn't buy any more fabric after going on the shop hop two weeks ago. Have a GREAT time! Take lots of pictures!!!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

It looks great. I'm jealous that I have to work on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

to bad it isn't the JJJJ Awesome Quilting Adventure... :-( have fun!!!