Friday, October 31, 2008

October Quilting Accomplishments

As I type this I really don't have an idea on how productive I was or not. It's always a surprise for me when I put two blog screens side by side and scroll through each day of the month to see what I did or didn't do.

  1. Quilted and Bound the Moon and Stars Baby Quilt

  2. Started compiling a "Quilt Retreat Tips" section

  3. Made blocks 3, 4 & 5 for my Paper Pieced Sewing Room Valances

  4. Finally cut the curtains for the Living Room and Bed Room. Only managed so far to sew the top of one set. Finishing this has to be a priority for the first week of November.

  5. Cut and Pieced an Oriental "Feeling Groovy" Quilt top for a shop sample. It's been quilted at the shop and I've got the binding on but it's only hand sewn down so far on one side.

  6. Finished assembling my Halloween Quilt, added the borders, loaded it for quilting, made three passes and decided the tension was way wacked. I'll probably be ripping it out until NEXT Halloween.

  7. Managed to fix a spelling error in an appliqued phrase.

  8. Cut, Appliqued, Quilted and bound the "The Witch is In" wallhanging. Now she just needs some crystals attached for glitz.

  9. Pieced a heart block so we could figure out the pattern.

  10. Pieced, Quilted, Bound and Labeled the Fresh Squeezed BQ2 Quilt.

  11. Had a cleaning mess...managed to remove the finish off the kitchen floor while trying to get it to look clean.

  12. Planned JJJ's Awesome Quilting Adventure.

  13. Finally hung things on the walls in our Townhouse.

  14. Made 4 Moda U Blocks for a shop quilt

  15. Had a fantastic quilty weekend with Jill, Max, Maisy, Mom, Jen & Sherry. Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 4, Post 5, Post 6, Post 7

  16. Went on a Shop Hop to Madison and back.

  17. Invented a new Drink

  18. Made two Bats

  19. A Stitchin CHix Bag for Jill

  20. Started my Brand X Courier Bag

  21. Made 4 Thangles Blocks

  22. Quilted, Hand Bound all 6 Phrases for Ethan's Bedroom

  23. Started an Applique Quilt for Greg & Lisa's daughter

  24. Typed up and presented Part 1 of my Online Applique Class

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