Thursday, October 23, 2008

Productivity Plus

OMG, I think I was more productive tonight than I was all weekend. Not really but it sure feels that way.

I came home from work and after snuggling with the dog who after they grew a culture from her urine turns out that she has a freaking Staph infection I hit QSE. I finished quilting the BQ2 Fresh Squeezed Quilt.

I threw my "The Witch is In" wallhanging on and actually quilted that with monofiliment in the bobbin and on top with no problems what so ever. It went soooo quickly it wasn't even funny. I even got the binding sewn down!!


Next I loaded the last three Phrases for Ethan's room. Those quilted up in a snap too.


I headed downstairs where I hand sewed the binding on my Courior Bag flap.


Next I sewed the binding on the "The Witch is In" wall hanging and only have about 6 inches of binding left to hand sew down.

That was the most productive 5 hours EVER!!


jillquilts said...

You suck! not... I haven't gotten a darn thing done since I've been back home. And I have SOOO much to do... I think I'll go and read some more blogs!

Moneik said...

Wowzers! You got a ton done. I didn't do that much all week.