Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Super Sewing

What a day!!

We've had so many spiders in our townhouse that we decided to do a bug bomb. I don't mind if they stay in the basement but coming upstairs in droves is what I draw the line at. I went to work and dropped Holly off at my Mom's. When Mike got home from golfing he set off the bombs and then vacated the premises. Except...the one fogger set off the smoke detector so he had to go back inside, taking some of it right in the face. Don't try this at home kids. He said he felt high and threw up a few times. He stopped by the shop to warn me not to go inside, to hang out at my mom's for an hour or so after work. Poor guy.

Once the house was properly aired out, Mom and Maureen came over to sew. We each made a heart square like the ones we made while in Madison. We were trying to do them from memory and succeeded.


Maureen learned to paper piece and made this Halloween Table Runner.


My mom made a Halloween Pillow case for her "secret sister." I use that term loosely because she flung it at Maureen when she was done...Surprise!!


I decided that even though I had a million and one things I should be doing that I needed to work on a fun project. I had this "The Witch is In" wall hanging and it looked a little too primitive for my tastes so I decided to jazz it up a bit. I changed the font and gave it a Wizard of Oz spin so that I can leave it up year round in my Quilt Studio. I will be adding some crystals to it after it's quilted.


While Maureen worked on her table runner, mom and I moved onto other projects. For me it was to start the Fresh Squeezed BQ2 quilt.


For Mom it was her Block from Block of the month that pretty much kicked her ass.


And she started a Charm Party Tote out of Halloween charms.


It's important to point out that we sewed until THREE AM!!! We had SOOOO much fun. Maureen told me that she and Sherry are thinking of coming to the St. Jude quilt retreat. That would mean 4 of us driving together. Hmmm, either 2 cars or we're going to have to rent a van. So here is how the silliness progressed:

  • A mini van. Nope we decided not enough room for storage.
  • A mini van with a turtle top thingie.
  • A mini van with a trailer.
  • A VW Microbus.
  • A Full Sized Van
  • A minivan or truck pulling a pop up camper cause we could stuff the camper full of our stuff.
  • A "short" school bus.
  • An RV so that one could drive and three could sew.

If you could have been there for that discussion you would have laughed until your sides hurt. Mom and Maureen also were laughing at my dry erase board of things that I want to get done before Jill arrives on Friday. I had it in the bathroom so that if I thought of something while in the shower I could lean out and write it down. They said they got tired just reading my list.

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Kristie said...

Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time!!! I vote for the you take the SMALL SCHOOL BUS!! How odd would that be pulling up in that baby!!!