Friday, October 17, 2008

She's Here!! She's Here!!!

Jill, Max and Mazie pulled in around 5:30pm on Friday. We let the kids get to know each other and then Mom, Jill & I went to IHOP.



After we had pancakes we ran over to the Lang outlet where we each bought some cute little items. I bought a really cute witch...but I haven't found her yet. I'm sure she's in a bag somewhere in the house!! If I remember right I decided she was cute enough to stay out all year with my "The Witch is In" wallhanging and my "Don't make me bust out my flying monkeys" sign that I have in my sewing room.


We got everything set up in the kitchen. It's funny how at the beginning of a weekend there appears to be a lot of room and at the looks like it blew up.


The laptop that you see is Jill's station. She was feeling drained from the trip up so she browsed the net for a bit. The "short" little kid in the picture is Maisy.

Holly liked Max and Maisy's bed. Isn't she a hoot? She did this all weekend long.


As you can see; not much sewing occurred on Friday night. Even my mom was drawn into the laptop.


I was working on putting the borders on my Halloween Quilt. Maisy is just as bad as Holly. In fact had Holly not been on the little dog bed, she would have been on my quilt too.

SN852102 quilt got a little out of hand size wise. I don't know what I was thinking considering that it's a lap quilt. We decided it could cover a small third world nation.


Of course, then there was rough housing on the quilt top. Holly had to steal Max's favorite toy.


It was pretty late at this point so Mom went home to bed since she had to work on Saturday, Jill went to bed since it was an hour later her time and I stayed up a bit. I loaded the Halloween quilt onto the frame before calling it a night.


Regina said...

Love how Halloween turned out! Looks so cozy!

Moneik said...

Your halloween quilt turned out great! Glad the kids got along so well. I know Missy likes to test out my things too.

jillquilts said...

Yes, it definitely looked clean on that night! Now, since you posted everything, I guess that I don't need to! ha ha