Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Adventures

Sunday morning didn't go so well. I started quilting my Halloween quilt and I was having horrible tension problems. Now thinking about it I don't think I've used YLI on Bud yet so I don't have any tension adjustments to reference. After three full passes and lots of adjustments I made the decision to take the quilt off and rip it all out. While Jill was helping me fold it up we realized that my backing is an inch or two too short. OMG!! It's a good thing it had to come off now. During this there was a lot of swearing and I also said that I wouldn't quilt it myself that I'd take it to PW to get quilted. Now I'm thinking that I'm willing to give it another shot. Part of the problem was just trying to use thread that I had on hand versus running to a shop to get what I wanted to use. The backing is also a tad too wide which makes it difficult to make bobbin adjustments because it then goes almost the whole span of the frame. I will overcome this sucker...just not before Halloween. LOL. When I have time to take my time on it I'll be able to do the quilting no problem. It was just not it's day.

We had lunch at Great Wraps, stopped back at the Lang Store where we each bought a pair of Mammoth Crocs and then ran to Bits & Pieces for their anniversary sale and to meet Sherry.


Isn't that quilt rack up on the porch cool looking??? It's hand made and only $100. I just need to figure out where I would put it if I were to own it. It would be a great way to display some of the quilts that I don't always get to have out.


We really didn't find anything new and exciting at Bits & Pieces. I always feel bad when I go into a local shop and don't buy anything. It wasn't just me though; out of the four of us no one bought a single thing. I think it's just been too long since they brought in new, fresh stock.

We headed over to Patched Works. I bought fabric to make a Stitchin Chix bag for Jill and the fusible fleece that I needed for my Courier bag.

Mr. Turtle loved the notion wall.


Sherry, Jill, Mom and I headed back to my house to quilt. I was getting a migraine; my jaw was soooo tight and I just was feeling miserable so I took a muscle relaxer and took a nap. Mom left to give Murphy his insulin so for about an hour it was just Sherry and Jill sewing. I felt soooo bad for taking a nap but once that muscle relaxer kicked in I was worried about sewing a finger.

Once I returned to sewing Mike and the kids took over the couch. I felt good as new...or something sorta like it.


I was able to get a paper pieced block done. I like it but I'm kicking myself for not adding orange into it. I think I will use this block for something else and make it again with orange, purple and pink.


I couldn't decide what to work on so I decided that it was time to make Jill's Stitchin Chix bag. Ironically she picked the exact same fabrics that I used for mine without actually seeing my bag!!


I used webbing for the handles instead of making handles. What a difference that made in the amount of time it takes to make the bag!! I'll never go back! Now I'm set to whip a bunch of these up. Muah ha ha ha!! I can't be stopped.

Of course, once the migraine passed it was time for another Cheech Splash.



jillquilts said...

Those are all MY cheech splashes that you are showing! No fair! I want one NOW!!! Seriously though, what happened to the videos from the Lang store? You know which ones!

Regina said...

Migraines suck - and always seem to happen at the most inopportune moments.

Moneik said...

Love the stitchin chix bag, you'll have to let me know where you got the pattern. I think I need to make one. Love the quilt rack! I think I could use one like that, but Paul is already making me two different ones.