Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wandering Foot Quilt Show

The Wandering Foot quilt show was today so Mom and I ran over to check it out. They used a new venue this year. It previously had been held at the Oak Creek Community Center and this year moved to the Oak Creek Lions Club. I’ve gotta say, I think the Lions Club was a much better choice for the quilt show.

Since this is a smaller show you can tell which quilters are friends and sew together just by their entries. You can tell who has taken classes together. You can tell who has swapped fabric. Each white gloved lady (I know they have a name and I just can’t think what it is) is willing to gush about their friends work and say, did you see this? This? And that?? Can you believe how great her quilting looks? It’s nice, I like that a lot! I don’t know what happened; I really thought I took more pictures.

Mom and I each picked up one or two things from the vendors. Mainly items that we wished we had purchased while they were in still in stock at PW. I did find an awesome giraffe fabric for a baby quilt that I’m working on.


Moneik Stephens said...

I think you took the heart picture just for me! I love it! I really enjoy the small quilt shows as they are more realistic of my style of quilting.

Karen said...

The fact is, this is a guild show. It is NOT judged or juried. There are no money prizes. It is wonderful in that it gives the "average joe" a chance to show their work without the pressure of being perfect. Thanks for the nice comments and photographs.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the small shows that happen around here. Glad you had a nice time.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Hey I forgot to wish you and Mike a Happy Anniversary..