Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a Day!

We had our Halloween Party at work today. There’s typically a costume contest and when I started here 7+ years ago there was high participation; maybe 80% of employees dressed up. Now it’s down to about 10%. I wasn’t going to dress up and at the last minute (like 10 minutes before I left for work) decided to be a Tomato Pin Cushion. My costume consisted of a headband that I tied green ribbon on for a stem and my Rosie the Quilter sweatshirt turned inside out since it’s red and a bunch of safety pins. Pretty lame.

pin cushion

Now, my friend Diane always has the most awesome costumes. I swear she starts planning the day after Halloween. This year she was an old ghost and wow…it was a fantastic costume! I’m so happy that she won first place because really she should win every year.

diane 2

diane 1

We had a pot luck lunch and I managed to eat something with nuts in it. What kind; I’m not sure. Which food; not sure of that either. But, I know my reactions at this point and with how sudden it came on, it can’t be mistaken for anything else. It came on almost immediately after eating dessert in the amount of time it took to walk from the lunch room to my desk. My breathing was bad, I started coughing pretty hard, I was itching something fierce on my face and arms and my throat started to close. I even had my epi pen out on my desk at the ready. I popped three Benadryl first and my breathing started to ease. By the end of the work day I was just tired from the Benadryl.

After work I put sewed down the binding on the Fresh Squeezed BQ2 Quit and then headed off to get a hair cut. Afterwards I met Mike at our favorite Mexican Place; El Matador for dinner. On the way home I stopped at Kohl’s Department Store to scope out some Christmas Present Ideas.

Back at home, I sewed the label onto BQ2 and Mike took some pictures for me:




Mike urged me to go upstairs and put my pj’s on so I could see the mischief that Holly got into while we were at dinner. The little snot pulled a roll of toilet paper out of the package from the bathroom and did a pretty good job at shredding it and leaving it on the roll all at the same time.



We watched TV for a bit and I worked on hand sewing the binding on the Feeling Groovy quilt. I got an entire long side done so about 92 inches. My goal is to do a side a day until it’s done. Not sure how realistic that is but it’s worth a shot.

Can we talk about thimbles? I seem to be on the quest to find a good one. I’m currently using a cheapie metal one. It’s 18mm and I use it on my middle finger. It could probably stand to be a mm or two larger. I think. For all I know I could put a bit larger one on and hate it. Mean while my middle finger is going through the ringer. I’m not exactly getting a blister but it’s far from a callus. It’s almost like the skin is just sluffing off where the thimble has been rubbing. It’s not like I need an expensive thimble here but man, it would be nice to have one that’s comfy and fits. Why is it thimbles are mainly sold in packaging that is not conducive to trying them on and putting back those that don’t fit? You’re basically buying blindly especially when you don’t’ know how many mm they are supposed to be. I don’t know if I have a small, medium or large middle finger in the world of thimbles!


Moneik said...

Your costume was very cre8tive! I was a scrap basket last year, but no one "got it". This year I have a Halloween sweatshirt on. Missy has done that to the TP before too... ususally when we leave her home alone on a weekend and leave the bathroom door open. She's mad that we leave on weekends.

jillquilts said...

Oh, so many comments.... Nice costume! I can't believe those freak shows you work with didn't get it! Diane looks very cool! I can't believe that Holly did the TP thing again! How funny! I don't generally use thimbles, but I have a plastic one that works well when I need it. I can't get over not having good control of the needle since I use my middle finger to steer the needle and push it through too. Don't put a hole in your finger!

jillquilts said...

Oh yeah - nice pieced backing! ha ha

And what did you do to your comments? Me no likey...

Anonymous said...

I too went through a ton of thimbles before finding one I love! I got a Jelly Thimble about 3 years ago and love it. I bought a large since I have sausage fingers but recently switched to a medium and allowed it to stretch. I have red and green-so handy to find in my quilt basket.

Carol VR said...

Wow, your friends costume is AWESOME!!!!

As for the thimble... I don't suspect if you gave me the bird I'd be able to tell if it were coming from a small, medium or large middle finger and so I dare you to go give the bird to a sewing centre employee so as to assist you in finding the right size...LOL.

Kerri Lindstrom said...

I found a brand new leather thimble at the thrift store. It works great and is very comfortable. My finger starts to hurt too if I sew without one for too long.

KyQuiltlady said...

I also would like to know what kinds of thimbles are recommended. I have tried lots of different ones. I have a friend that use to hand quilt a lot and she liked the Roxanne Thimble but they are very expensive.

Diane Lau said...

Thanks for the "face time," Jen! I still think you should have won third place for that adorable pin cushion idea.

Maureen said...

I think your costume was cute! Diane's was fabulous! She is very creative when it comes to costumes. In regards to thimbles I don't have much info and because my fingers are so large I have a hard time finding one. Wish I could tell you more but I just don't have the info.

Maureen said...

Ohh yeah, I wanted to comment on Miss Holly...she is quite the pup! Impressive damage but not a lot of mess from what I could see! Emma whould have had shreads all over the place and I would have been complaining. Also your quilt is beautiful! Wow I love the floral quilting.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You look adorable! I just wanna stick some more pins in ya! Great job on the quilt!

butrfly2200 said...

Liked the BQ2 quilt. what does that stand for.
what's the name of that quilt pattern. I haven't seen it before