Monday, November 17, 2008

Bull Dozers and Earth Movers and Quilts, OH MY!

I finished quilting and binding my last two Construction Baby quilts. I started with two and knew who I wanted to give them to; they ended up in the arms of other babies so I had to make two more!

One is for our new nephew Matthew and the other is for the son of a friend of ours.

Construction Quilt #3

Construction Quilt #4

Now my major baby quilt making spree is over. I have one more to make which is the Applique Animals that I started a few weeks back. I'll get to it soon but for right now it's time to finish up some of my own projects.

I put Shade Cascade on the frame. It's been a while so here's the quilt I'm talking about:


I also have these teal oriental fabrics that I like but am not sure what I ever thought I was going to do with them all. I mean all of these orientals in TEAL? I swear that color is just showing up in my life to mock me.

Kimono Collection by Hoffman California International Fabrics Kimono Collection by Hoffman California International Fabrics Kimono Collection by Hoffman California International Fabrics Kimono Collection by Hoffman California International Fabrics Kimono Collection by Hoffman California International Fabrics Jennifer Sampon

Anyway, they're all 1/3 yard cuts. I've decided I'm going to sew them together to become the backing for my Shade Cascade wall hanging. What's the difference? I'd need to go out and buy a backing anyway. At least this way they get used up. I think I'll need 4 of them to accomplish this task.

As far as the qulting for Shade Cascade, Maureen and I were thinking I should use Silver Metallic thread and Dwirl. I have a Silver Metallic Hemmingworth spool. It will be my first try at Metallic Thread on the frame and with the Baby Lock. Since I plan on hanging the wall hanging up high (eventually) the quilting even if it doesn't turn out won't be the end of the world.

I'm sort of thinking about a hanging pully system like we have in the stair well at the shop. Not sure if Mike will go for that though. Then again what's the alternative? Getting the ladder out each time I want to switch a quilt out? I don't know, we'll see. It's on the frame now so I should probably have the quilting finished up by tomorrow night. I'm going to bind it in black. Not sure if I have black in my stash or not. If I don't; I'll pick it up Wednesday night when I go to Patched Works.


Moneik said...

Love how you quilted the baby quilts. Did you do them on your frame? I have one panel and some other blocks to make into a quilt. Just don't have a baby to make them for, but I love that line. Your Shade Cascade is awesome. I think the fabrics you picked for the back will work well.

Regina said...

AHHHhhhhhhhh - you are putting those on the back of something????

How bout I send you enough fabric for the backing and we swap??? 'Cause those are GORGEOUS!

But knowing how quick you move -they are probably already quilted down.

I will just have to get you to hang that one backwards when(if) I ever come to visit! LOL!

Tina said...

Jen - I LOVE the construction quilts! I have two grandsons - and the 4 yr old is into John Deere, but the younger one I could make something similiar to yours....what line of fabric is that? If you want to share the info..... hehehe

Libby said...

Gorgeous top, and the back will be, too.

jillquilts said...

If you keep this up, you are going to start piecing all of your backings.... Don't go to the other side! Stay here with me!!! *giggle*