Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a Holly-Day!!


No, not a Holiday, a Holly-Day. It's Holly's 9th Birthday today and I can't express how much that little fur ball means to us. Honestly...where did that nine years go? She's acting more like a puppy these days than even a few years back.

Mike and I are always disagreeing about her name. He says it's Holly because we got her before it's Holly as in Holiday. I say it's Holly as in Holly Berry. The CHRISTMAS PLANT.

I really have nothing quilty to report for a Wednesday besides that I worked at the shop.

Jen and I typically go out for dinner or dessert after our shift. Sometimes Julie (wow, this is really going to get confusing. Maybe I should start using initials!!) comes along too. My mom has joined us on occasion as well.

Julie H and Janet D were at the shop for a class and we started talking about the quilt retreat that they are going to next weekend. I was SHOCKED that they didn’t have fun pillow cases made up to take along. So of course this caused a major revelation that they HAD to have matching ones.

They were leaving the shop at the same time we were so we asked them if they wanted to come out with us. Jen my evil twin needed a drink because she had had a bad day at her day job. We headed over to Claim Jumper where we ordered drinks. Then we decided we needed to split the Giant, “I Declaire” eclaire. Now by this point we all had a sugar rush going from our drinks and the dessert so we ordered a few hot pretzels. YUMMY. Our waitress just thought it was hilarious that we were working backwards from the way people typically order. We had a great time.

I think what I like best about working at the shop is that I’ve gotten to meet soooo many new people. Umm, that and I get to touch fabric all the time and it’s a major stress reliever.


Moneik said...

Happy Birthday Holly!
Having fun after work or during work is one of the best parts of working at the store.

Carol VR said...

Happy Birthday Holly!!!

jillquilts said...

Happy be-lated Birthday to Holly Berry!! she is still acting young after the ninjas left? That's awesome!