Sunday, November 2, 2008

Measure Twice, Cut Once

My cousin Ape came over this afternoon to hang out for a bit. We got sucked into a Lifetime movie. With her she brought her paintball gun to show me. Ok, I was impressed cause it's black with PINK. It looks REALLLLLY sharp. Honestly, my body is too old for paint ball but mostly I'm impressed with the amount of cleaning that she needs to do afterwards. OMG, I'd be quitting that hobby in a heart beat. There's all kinds of nooks and crannies in the gun and the helmet. I wonder if there's an observation deck cause it would be fun to go watch. I also got to see her cool stuff from her trip to see the Women's Olympic Gold Medal Soccer Team. Very cool!

Mom and Maureen over to continue work on the quilt from the night before. It required a pieced backing. Maureen was all about the pieced backing. I seriously thought she had a plan. Not so much!! Now, you all know I will do anything possible to NOT have to piece a backing. Therefore, I've never had to think a back through in the manner in which I had to think about this one. I asked my two coharts in crime to check my math...they said they trusted me.

Now, let me tell you a little something. I SUCK AT MATH. There's nothing about trust here, just look at it and make me feel better. Don't just humor me and say sure, whatever you say. Keep this part in mind for further down in the post.

We pause for a goofy video from the night before. I'll explain that we've played this game with our dogs for as many years as I can remember. Your finger moves in a circle, you say; "Bumble Bee, Bumble bee, Bumble Bee BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ," and when you BZZZZZ you tickle said dog. Holly is the first dog ever to HATE this game. She flips out every time.

So now, we come up with this crazy quilt back comprising of 15 pieces. No one checks my math; no one re-measures the quilt. We load said quilt. We decide the three of us will take turns quilting; one pass at a time and that will blend better than each of us doing a 1/3 of the quilt. Sure enough that is working splendidly. Maureen starts freaking out about the amount of batting we have left. I say no, I'm sure it's fine. Finally we get to the bottom and sure enough we need like 3 inches. So we bust out some fusible interfacing and fuse a strip on. I had never done that before but I've read that it works so I was confident in that. I go to re-pin the quilt top and notice that we have less quilt BACKING than we had batting to begin with.

Now I have two choices. Add like 2 inches of backing, rip an entire row of quilting and re-quilt it OR just cut down the whole darn quilt leaving a 3-1/2 to 4 inch outer border instead of the 5-1/2 inch border it's currently sporting.

Yep...that's our day in a nutshell. Do you even want to know how infuriated I was at the end? A 15 piece backing, fused batting and then not enough backing.

IHOP to the rescue...I had strawberry banana french toast and then all was again well with the world. pictures of the quilt; I'm too irritated.


jillquilts said...

Just cut it down! How is Sherry's son? What the story????

Maureen said...

Okay first of all I am sorry I should have had a plan but well not thinking I guess was the first part of my plan...enough said. I agree just cut it down. It is a beautiful quilt and it will work out just fine.

Also I should have checked the time I will make sure I measure the quilt...I normally do I think I was just brain dead.

You are the best to put up with the backing fiasco and yes that is what it was.

Moneik said...

I hate pieced backs too, that's why Happy Hour still isn't done. I was too cheap to buy 8 yards of fabric for the back, so I'm piecing it. It got put to the side so I can make the Bistro quilt now. Then Loralie this weekend... I may never get that quilt back pieced. I might take it to my parents this weekend and have mom help me with it if we get time. I'm so ready for some uninterrupted sewing time!