Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More Finished Objects

I quilted two more of my mom's UFO's today. Two more Christmas gifts!! I've already sent them home with her for binding.

The first one is a Christmas Wreath. She doesn't remember how long ago she made it. It's probably about 15 years old.


The second one is a table runner. This I think she made about 10 years ago.


I started hand sewing my rick rack onto my Smores quilt. I hope to take this to my dad's tomorrow to sew on while they watch football. Watching football games that just don't matter in my world make me want to tear my hair out. It's like having needles in your eyes while you're watching paint dry.


The hand sewing of the rick rack is going much quicker than I anticipated. I'm sewing down one side until I run out of thread. Then I go back with the next thread and sew down the other side. It's way quicker than binding but it's hurting my wrist so I think I'll have to wear a wrist brace to finish it.


Moneik said...

They look great and I'm sure you mom is glad they are done! I have a snowman to finish for my mom. I think that will be on my priority list this weekend.

Carla said...

So, that's where the rick rack goes. I love it but then I'm very partial to rick rack.

jillquilts said...

Everything looks good! Congrats on more quilting... Sigh.... If only I hadn't killed my brain... I could be quilting right now! *BIG sigh*

Chelsy said...

that looks so awesome! :)