Saturday, November 1, 2008

A new Free Motion Quilter

After work today Jen, Maureen and Mom came over to sew. Jen quilted a quilt. Her mom won red, white & blue blocks at her guild meeting. She made them into a quilt and then decided she was going to give it to a Veteran. I said we should quilt it on the frame so that Jen could learn to use it.

She took to free motion quilting quicker than anyone I've ever seen. No thread breaks, no tension issues caused by cornering too quickly, no broken needles.

Jen's been quilting for about a year now. The quilts that she's finished have been quilted at the shop so she's never experienced the whole layering, basting, quilting by pushing your quilt through the small opening of your machine and at the same time she's never experienced the anxiety of learning to free motion quilt. I'm thinking that was part of it. I was considering first putting on some muslin so she could get the hang of things but I figured; I knew the tension was set on the machine and that there wouldn't be any machine issues so we just loaded the quilt and let her have at it. I set the machine up with a Superior combo of Sew Fine and Bottom Line because I knew that was the thread combo to cause the least amount of problems. The girl stippled like a pro!! Of course, there was a pretty good amount of concentration...





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Maureen said...

Jen did such a great job quilting this quilt. the sewing just vanished into the backing.