Friday, November 21, 2008


After work I ran out to Frank's with Bud (My Babylock QCP Machine). Brad just shook his head. He's probably thinkin I'm crazy. Oh wait...he knows that I am. All is good with the world. He didn't have the spring in stock that I needed but is going to order it. In the mean time he removed my feed dogs since I'm not using them anyway and that will allow me to use my machine without the missing spring. It will just go clickey clack in the mean time.

Back to the house, load the machine and the quilt back onto the frame. Quilted the rest of the quilt without any problems. Then it happened, it dawned on me where the spring might be. I swear there are days I'm just a dumb ass!! My frame has a few little holes in it's top. I think they are there for the wooden pantographs that were originally out to use with the frame. Now a few months back I posted about these drawer units that I placed under my frame to hold all of my scraps. Well duh, the spring fell through a hole and onto the top of a drawer unit. I looked everywhere BUT there. So I re-attached the spring and went on with life.

Here's a teeny picture of the smores. I'm hand sewing the binding on it and Mike's not around to hold it up for me to snap a shot.


Once the binding is done then I still need to add the rick rack to it. I'll get into that in a post when I get to that point.

Let's talk about binding for a second. My friend Regina pointed out something that I'm sure is common knowledge to all of you but it wasn't to me and now that I think about it I'm pretty sure it's because I'm left handed and go the reverse way from a right handed person when putting my binding on. But in the event that I'm not the only person to realize this, I'll throw in some pictures. So when you get to a corner, if the fold is on one side on the front, it needs to be on the other side in the back. I looked at a lot of my quilts and some are this way and some are not. I guess this never dawned on me. Now it makes so much sense that I feel like an idiot for not noticing this in the past 10 years that I've been quilting. Oh well, you never stop learning!!



Kristie said...

So glad that you found your spring! Love how the quilting looks on your quilt.

Trish said...

"So when you get to a corner, if the fold is on one side on the front, it needs to be on the other side in the back."

Well it never dawned on me either... Makes perfect sense once it's pointed out, though.

jillquilts said...

You just realized that about the corner? Man ... if only you would've been hand stitching your binding long ago, you would've known it then. :)